Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the 'cord

Pin It A couple days after our return from the cruise, we headed up to Concord. On our way up on Tuesday we met Jessica at her apartment in Charlotte. We had planned to take a walk, but the weather was less than stellar and things and it was still raining. We settled on frozen yogurt at Southpark. After getting to my parents' in Concord, we celebrated with a belated b-day dinner for Dad at Applebee's and then spent the evening with Brice's mom.

Wednesday morning I had a hair appointment to be sure I got one last good haircut. I met up with Lauren for coffee, catching up on the last year and details of her upcoming wedding. Brice and I had dinner with his mom that night.

Brice and I took my car to get much needed new tires. I spent some time with Jessica on a walk at our old elementary school and Brice headed up to Raleigh to spend a long weekend with his friends.

I went into school with my mom Friday morning to help her out and had lunch with all of her teacher buds (that I so nicely went and picked up for them :-) ) I even got to see my old classmate working as a music teacher at this school--like a real grown-up. I went to Jessica's mom's where Jess made dinner and dessert for us, her mom, and Heather. We had a great time catching up. Not sure when we'll all get to see each other again.

I got one last visit in Saturday morning having coffee with Heather before she jetted off to Vancouver. Since I won't make most weddings this summer, I went shopping for wedding gifts to distribute while I was in town. I took my mom to redeem her Christmas present pedicure that afternoon. In the evening I met up with my friend from nursing school, Justin and met his fiancee, Lee Anne. I was very glad to meet her and she seems very nice.

Sunday I got to attend my home church and see what was going on with everyone there. Always nice to see all those people. We came home and Dad and I washed both of their cars and mine. Brice got back into town and we spent the evening with his parents since his dad was back in town.

We slept in and went over to Brice's parents' for lunch before leaving. All in all, a very good visit.

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