Friday, July 1, 2011

In the kitchen

Pin It I absolutely love my new kitchen. Our old kitchen was cramped and poorly designed. I felt like I couldn't put anything where it made sense. Our kitchen before that was better, but I still often couldn't store things in places that made sense.

The day we moved in was the first time I saw the apartment. (My husband selected this apartment on his own. I had never even been to Delaware before the day we moved here.)
I was reluctant to be excited about it at first, not wanting to get ahead of myself since I wasn't sure how all of our belongings would fit into it. But as I found that I could put things in places that were intuitive, my excitement grew.

My favorite part is my chopping/slicing/dicing station. The surface at left houses knives and space for my cutting boards, housed in a cabinet right below:

And the draw below this space is home to more cutting/slicing/dicing tools:

And next to that drawer, right beside the stove, are tools I might need right there next to the oven or stove:

So how about that? A kitchen that makes sense!

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