Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not so alarming anymore...

Pin It **Note: This is from a couple of days ago, but it was too funny to not share with everyone. I'll post something original later.**

This is what woke us both up yesterday morning. This is our fire alarm. We have smoke detectors and this thing. We haven't had one of these since we lived in student family housing.

During our time in student housing, we had very frequent alarms. Sometimes in the middle of the literal night, sometimes in the middle of my figurative night. By the time we were moving, we'd had it with the alarms and drills. My husband often cited during our first months of living in our new place that were no fire drills--how nice.

Well, as annoying as those drills were, it appears that the inconvenience and annoyance wasn't the worst of its offenses. Apparently, I am now immune to the "alarm" a fire alarm should produce. When I woke at 6 AM to the noise, my first thought was, Awww man....I'm gonna have to find some pants...I even asked my husband what he was doing when he walked to the front door to look out like he was the nut.

Luckily enough, my husband's first thought when he hears the alarm is still, where is the fire, how will we get out, and what can I grab. Oh, and he was also already entertaining second string escape routes of lowering me down the balcony. Good thing he's around. (I also was unable to finish making dinner until he came home due to an extremely stubborn jar lid.)


  1. This is making me think of the boy who cried wolf, but instead of a boy, it's the alarm, and instead of wolf, it's just a loud sound. Something happened in high school where the alarm kept going off, and after the umpteenth time, students were just thinking that it was all fun and games, and taking the chance to play around with their friends during the" drills," but what happened was, there were some phone calls being made to the school that there was some kind of bomb on campus. Anyhow, I think my first thoughts, after trying to get the kids out, would be if I needed to make myself presentable too. =p


  2. Too funny! I have become that way about the tornado sirens around here. It makes my husband so mad because I refuse to go to our "shelter" until I actually think something might be coming...one of these days we are gonna get blown away! :)

  3. Too funny! I'll admit to that sound as being more annoying than alarming, cause it always goes off when the batteries low and always in the middle of the night!

  4. Gotta love fire alarms! My husband set ours off last while dusting... nothing like a false alarm to set my heart racing! Have a GREAT weekend!!

  5. :) That's crazy.

    Visiting from Company Girl Coffee.
    Great blog.

  6. I just somehow erased my comment...too tired to rewrite it...enjoyed that story though.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  7. Funny to read your post, as we just installed new smoke detectors and C02 detectors in our home! I'm not used to them going off though, and when they do I just about jump out of my skin!!

  8. At least he is still prepeared. The apartment complex on the next block's alarm started going off a couple months ago and I spent at least 15 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with the squawking bird outside. I didn't realize it was a fire alarm goin goff until I heard the many fire engines headed in our direction.


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