Monday, June 20, 2011

Over the weekend

Pin It We had a nice second weekend here. I started on Thursday trying to figure out what we should be "exploring", since everyone asks if we have been. I looked into a visit to Philly (only an hour away for us), but not much was going on. I think we will try doing that for the 4th.

Friday night we enjoyed dinner at Olive Garden, courtesy of a graduation gift from Brice's sister and family. We both had great meals, but Brice found he would be unlikely to get his sweet tea at a restaurant in this area.

On Saturday, we hit the Macy's sale at our pretty comprehensive local mall (most likely due to our lack of sales tax) and Brice got some new clothes for work and I got a half price Fossil purse. We grabbed some lunch at home and then went to explore the farmers market. I have to say, we were rather disappointed. I guess that's just modernization for you, but apparently these days farmers are able to get a bunch of rugs, knock-off handbags, and whole lot of other chatzki to grow in their fields. To be be fair, beneath the farmers market sign there was a sign that said "Flea Market" as well, but the two should have been switched. We saw two produce sections, combined about the size of the grocery store. Pretty disappointing after the Dekalb market. But there were little fudge and bakery type shops and real live Amish people selling, so that was kinda cool. We'll try the smaller market next time--I think there's a better chance.

After our shopping, we spent a little time at the pool reading/snoozing. I got in for a little swim, but Brice mostly napped. He found a restaurant for us to try in Wilmington and a possible ice cream store (!), so we drove over there for dinner. Very nice little area along the "river" with a walking path we checked out while we waited for a table. The ice cream place was already closed by the time we got there, so not sure how it rates. But if you, that's you, come to visit, we might take you over there. We came home and watched My Cousin Vinny. (I noticed Barry, Rachel's fiance from friends is one of the accused. When I looked it up I saw he originally tried out for Ross--funny, huh?)

We went to church in the morning and then to work trying to get the last bit of settling in done. My husband got pretty much all of the wall decorations complete and he built a TV antennae out of three feet of 2 x 4 and wire hangers. He's pretty impressive. We planned to break down all of the boxes in the spare room (we're keeping them all for our next move), but something is wrong with the air conditioning and the apartment was hotter than outside when the sun finally went down, so we couldn't really take it. Of course, after a few nights of leftovers and dinner out, this was the night I chose to cook again, and make bread. I took my first crack at baking bread other than biscuits, and it went pretty well. I think it could have been more enjoyable if I wasn't preparing it while worrying that it might bake right then and there in our apartment. (The recipe instructed me to leave it covered in a warm place--I asked Brice where he thought I could find one. He was mildly amused.) I used this recipe for hamburger buns, but I made longer rolls for Italian sausage, peppers, and onions. I'm hoping to make hamburgers in the near future and use this recipe again. I forgot to get pictures of mine, sorry. (These are the same buns Ashley made in Denver that I loved.)

I did find a tavern near the university with trivia, so tonight we'll be trying that out.

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  1. Grandpa would have been very impressed with your TV antennae.
    Great job!!!
    Mom P.


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