Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rocky mountain high

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A couple days after our trip to Concord, I flew (my very first airplane trip entirely solo) to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Denver. Brian had mentioned meeting me at the airport with a sign, and that's just his style. As I was riding up the escalator, I remembered this and tried to get out my camera, but it wasn't accessible enough. I wish I had. I saw the two of them with Ashley holding a "Welcome, Kelley" sign--to the left, Brian then held up an "Aunt" sign. No too phased since I am an aunt and we often refer to their dogs as my parents' "granddogs", I just said, I assume this is from the dogs? Nope. We will have a new niece or nephew for this Christmas!

This was my first time to visit them in Denver and my first trip to Colorado. I got a tour of the house, Brian's church (right across the street) and met all of his co-workers. The three of us went over to the flagship REI. We met up with the girl staying with them for part of the summer, Stephanie. She's one of Brian's former youths from Richmond with an short-term job with a church in Denver for the summer. Brian, Stephanie, and I went for a walk with Rory and Eli along a nearby dam. We had to get back to the house for a make-up confirmation class Brian was hosting. Stephanie and I played some intense rounds of Wii games before our little confirmation pizza party.

In the morning Brian, Ashley, the dogs, and I drove out to Garden of the Gods and Balanced Rock. Amazing and beautiful places to see. We drove into Mannitou Springs and walked into some shops, had lunch and got ice cream. After we got home, Brian and I took Rory up to the park on the corner for a walk. It was a nice day, as almost every day was. Great weather the whole time.

On Friday, Brian, Stephanie, and I drove up to Breckenridge. We had hoped to ride the gondola up the mountain, but it was closed for the spring to reopen for the summer the end of June. We went into town and grabbed lunch at Subway and ate at the dog park so Rory could have some fun and make friends. We visited a few stores in town before heading back to get ready for the Rockies game with young adults from Brian's church.

Saturday morning was lazy, then Brian, Stephanie and I went to Red Rocks, an extremely cool concert venue built into the mountain. Pretty awesome to see. As we were leaving I we saw two alpacas and got some pictures. We hit up a meadery (place where they make mead) later and I did some tasting and decided I really like mead. I think I'll be getting some soon.

Sunday morning obviously found us at church. Brian was doing liturgy. Afterward, we got the house ready for the young adults to come over to play board games. I took Rory for a walk on my own while others took naps. We had a fun time that night eating appetizers and playing Settlers of Catan, Taboo, Scene-it, and Wii tennis.

We spent our Memorial day strolling around an art festival downtown. Ashley and I really enjoyed it and we both found artists we really liked. My two favorites, here and here. I had my first meal at Noodles & Co. A fun place where you choose all different kinds of bowls of pastas and sauces. I suggested that we have a Memorial Day barbecue, so Brian grilled burgers and hot dogs and Ashley made buns. The buns were totally awesome, I could have eaten several. Then we all watched Clue.

I only took a short nap before having to get up for my flight. Brian drove me to the airport and I fought to keep myself awake through the security line. You know that rule about your liquids and taking them out when you go through? I have never done that. Ever. And I've never had a problem. Until this time. It was ridiculous. I could go on about the TSA silliness that went on, but I'll spare you.

All in all, a great visit. We did a lot, but not everything, so there is still some left for our visit at Christmas.

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