Friday, July 8, 2011

Thanks for inviting me...

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Monday is our two year wedding anniversary. I told my husband the other day while we were talking about our new home, Thanks for inviting me. He said, Is that what marriage is? I think so, I said.

Then and now:


  1. Happy anniversary!!! Have a great time celebrating!

    Love the "then" photo. When was that?

    My sister will be celebrating her 1st anni this Sunday, but her and her hubby has known each other since elementary school, and they stood next to each other in a Bowling Club photo in middle school...when she was taller than he was. =p

  2. Happy anniversary. My daughter will be getting married in less than a month and my hubby and I will be married 25 years 10 days later. Love your blog.

  3. Joyce: We've also known each other since elementary school. That picture was taken when we were in 5th grade.


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