Sunday, July 10, 2011

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Pin It Two weeks ago Brice took off for his first trip to Germany with work. I decided to spend some time in NY with my family while he was gone. He went off to work in the morning and I went to get a background check for my new license. I ended up going check out and buy a desk from an add on Craigslist, so I now have my own computer back :-) After taking the thing apart in the heat (with a man who reminded me so much of my late grandfather--appropriate since he was the one relative I would not get to see on my trip) and then lugging it piece by piece to the car and piece by piece up the two flights of stairs, Brice came just in the nick of time to get the last piece I figured I'd just have to take with me to NY. So we did get to see each other before we left.

I made the drive up to (upstate) NY fairly easily. Pretty amazing that it's only five hours for me now. As a kid, it was a sixteen hour trip, so it's tough for me to believe I live that close. I had a nice visit with my grandmother and got to see my cousin for a couple of hours while she was passing through on her way to a wedding. My aunt (Mom's sister) and uncle had us over for dinner and I got down to see my aunt (Dad's sister) for a night. She introduced me to water aerobics and kayaking. I think I will need to have a lake and a kayak now :-) My aunt and I did some shopping and got out to Uno's for some amazing pizza with my uncle and grandmother. I'm so glad I've really only missed one summer of getting up there, even since being married.

Brice had a good time in Germany, but more fun during the not-working times. But isn't that always the story? He saw the BMW plant, a concentration camp, and had a drive along Romantic Road.

We made kind of a fun summer dinner after an afternoon by the pool on Sunday. There is a fruit and vegetable stand nearby, so we went to get some corn and ended up with a bit of extra fresh fruit as well. I made the buns again, for hotdogs, and here are my pictures this time:

We spent the 4th in nearby Philly. The original idea was that we would see the concert and fireworks. After some careful thinking, we realized that would keep us out too late for my first day of work and we had no idea how long it would take with whatever traffic there would likely be. We ended up parking, getting cheesesteaks at one of the most famous places, going to the all-you-can-eat ice cream festival, seeing the Liberty Bell and walking about eight miles in the process. Though it was still early when we left, we were pretty tired at that point.

I started my job this week at Student Health. Things have been held up a little because of a delay with my license, but I've been enjoying it so far. I won't start officially until August, but it's nice to get started with orientation.

And for anyone else interested, here is the link to pictures of our new place.

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