Friday, July 15, 2011


Pin It About ten to fifteen years ago this acronym was all the rage in Christian youth circles. What would Jesus do? Kids my age wore these woven bracelets in their favorite colors and exchanged them with friends (that’s how I got mine—thanks, Heather!). People even came up with different meanings for the acronym, Walk with Jesus daily, and backwards, Devils just won’t win.

I prefer the original sentiment, especially in the past few months. There are lots of current events going on, secularly and in the religious arena that incite a good amount of debate. A lot of more conservative followers turn to the Bible to see what it says literally; a lot of more liberal followers try to simply follow their hearts in their interpretation of what a passage might have meant in that time and convert it to a more contemporary thought. But perhaps what we should be doing is asking simply, what would Jesus do?

It is human nature to want answers to be cut and dry. Anyone who tells you they enjoy the unanswered question might be telling you the truth, but that is a learned behavior. It can be easier for us to search for black and white answers to difficult questions. I’m not always sure that is what God intends. (Disclaimer: No statements made throughout this writing should be construed that the author has any definite knowledge of God’s intentions.)

The more thought and study I give to the life of Jesus, the more I realize that, shockingly enough, Christians don’t always put enough emphasis on Him. We are given the Bible, with many writings teaching us what is right or wrong and we love to read it and quote it. Later on, we’re given God—in the flesh! Jesus died—we talk about this all the time, how Jesus died for us. But let us not forget that Jesus lived for us as well! He showed us how to live. So maybe, I’m thinking anyway, that the answers we search for to the difficult questions should be found by starting with what Jesus would do.

Now I realize that trying to figure out in our Christian communities what Jesus would have done in our contemporary situations might be a little more difficult than selecting an agreeable passage from the Bible, but Jesus told us things wouldn’t be easy. But that’s another post altogether…


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing your thoughts on WWJD. I often think about that even though the "trend" has passed. Maybe this world would be a better place if more people asked that question before making a decision, although yes, I see how it is a bit different in our contemporary times.

  2. I like your thought that Jesus lived for us, too. And that we really need to read about His life and look at how He lived...good thoughts to ponder. Have you read the book In His Steps where the saying originated from?


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