Monday, August 22, 2011

Carolina in my...person

Pin It After our visit to Philly, we heard that Brice's uncle had passed away. We began trying to work out a way for to attend the funeral. We were already planning to be in NC for a wedding the following weekend, so it was a matter of changing my flight. It all managed to work out and I flew into Raleigh Monday night and stayed with my friend, Heather. Brice's cousin, Lynn, picked me up in the morning and we rode to Asheboro together. It was nice to see everyone, despite the circumstances, and get a chance to speak with Brice's cousins who I had only met briefly at our wedding.

I rode back to Concord with Brice's parents and stayed with my parents for the next two nights. The change of plans also afforded me the opportunity to have dinner with Jessica before she moved to Birmingham for her new internship.

My parents and I left Thursday morning for New Bern for my good friend Matt's wedding. My brother was the officiant and I read Sonnet 116 at the ceremony. Matt's mom asked my dad to take pictures with her camera and my mom's job was to be her emotional support. (First son to get married.) The rehearsal and dinner were great. Brice arrived the next afternoon before the wedding and the whole event went smoothly. We enjoyed a great reception with great company and food and dancing.

Ashley's mom planned a baby shower for the following day since it was the only chance for them to be on the east coast. Brice spent some time with his friends in Raleigh while we enjoyed a lavish spread at the shower. I got to see my cousin, Josee, and her kids and Aunt Judith and Uncle Paul. They toted me to Josee's after the shower where Josee continued to Heather's in Raleigh with me. Heather, Stephen, and I met Brice and his friends Andy and Danny and Danny's girlfriend for dinner. We ate at Pie Birds, a locale with sweet and savory pies. Mine was a delicious goat cheese and tomato that I think I will try to replicate. Then we all headed to a local pub to watch some of the Panthers game.

Heather and Stephen took us to Bojangles' for a long-awaited meal for me (Brice's second in 24 hours!) before dropping us off at the airport. It was a great visit, but I was glad to be home a while.

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