Monday, August 22, 2011

Day by day

Pin It This past week at home has been marvelous--basically since in the last three weeks it's the most consecutive days I have been home!

We attended a beginner yoga class together Monday night. I got a Groupon for five classes and had been to one beginner class, one Pilates class, and one all-level class. I thought it would be fun to go together, so that's how we used the last two. I'm not sure Brice will be a regular, but he enjoyed it and we may do it together again. I am pretty excited about it and I think I could really get into it. The only downside of course is that I have to pay full-price now and it's kind of a drive. But a few times a month should be fine.

We also went to the driving range together. I'm not really inspired to become a golfer, but we've done this together before and I enjoy it. It might become a more regular occurrence, though I have been told I should probably slow down my number of drives per hour. Our jumbo bucket of balls did not last very long.

We visited the mall for new clothes for Brice--it always seems everything needs to be replaced at the same time. Not much luck, but we did find one pair of pants, which is a small victory.

We opted to not travel for the weekend since I was kind of burnt out. Brice met his brother Keith for golf on Saturday and then brought him home for dinner and to spend the night.

I visited a new church yesterday and I'm pretty excited about it. A young couple approached me and everyone was very friendly. And, they have a yoga class twice a week :-) We'll try to go back next week.

So it's been a quiet week, but still fun. I have one day of work this week to re-acclimate after so much time away and then my regular schedule starts next week. We might try a trip to Cape May this weekend or the Amish country. Sometime in the later summer or early fall we plan to visit DC and NYC.

As always, if you're passing through on I-95, stop by!

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