Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall adventures

Pin It Me, with Eleanor Roosevelt at the FDR memorial in Washington, D. C.

My husband and me, claiming our state at the WWII memorial.

My husband's joke-induced smile in front of the capitol. (it's necessary sometimes :-) )

A perfect apple in a Maryland orchard.

My husband is always in charge of "quality control".

Selecting a "me"-sized apple :-)

Gigantic mushroom in the orchard!

Our "pet goose", Henry.

My husband with his newest toy.


  1. Great pictures. . .love the "perfect" apple. . .it really is!

  2. How fun! We went to the apple orchards on our short little vacation 2 weeks ago. Wow...that mushroom!

  3. Henry!! That's the name Jim and I gave a duck who used to follow us around the lake near our first house. How sweet!

    We're looking forward to doing some apple picking next week in Ramseur. Can't wait!


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