Monday, October 17, 2011

Plain & simple

Pin It We have just returned from a wonderful weekend together in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It's a short drive from us, but the hurricane and rainy weekends delayed the drip until this weekend.

After participating in a young adult movie night at our church, we got an early start and headed for Pennsylvania. There is this cool area called "the wedge" near us where we were still in Delaware, then about 20 or 30 seconds in Maryland and then in Pennsylvania. Ahh, the wonders of our small state--"the small wonder".

We had reserved scooters to rent for two hours when we first arrived. It was a great day for it, just a little bit too windy, but otherwise a beautiful day. We rode twenty-seven miles through Amish country farms, stopping at a dairy farm for our complementary ice cream. Lapp Dairy farm has wonderful ice cream--exceptionally creamy! The place was full of baby animals--lots of kittens and some larger cats very interested in our ice cream.

Afterward, we checked into our bed and breakfast. Brice had a nap while I read and then we went back out for a buggy ride and dinner at an Amish farm feast restaurant. The idea is that you sit with about twelve people total at your table and eat a set menu family-style with all your new friends. It's a different experience. We explored the local mall after dinner and walked off a little of our fried chicken.

Our Sunday plans were not as set in stone as Saturday. We had tossed around a few ideas of things to do and finally found some parks and "scenic drive" maps. We did a bit of hiking near the Susquehana and drove down the east side and up the west, stopping at a unique bar for some decent pulled-pork sandwiches. On a whim, we decided to head for Gettysburg. Again, the weather was great and the setting was perfect for walking around the area.
We had many, many beautiful views of fields, farms, barns, animals, rolling hills, and setting suns this weekend. Sunday night was wrapped up with a great dinner at a brewery.

Brice took Monday off of work so that we were able to take a tour of the Martin guitar factory in Nazareth, PA. It was an interesting tour, especially after seeing the "How it's made" episode a few weeks ago. Nice to see quality work being done in comfortable working conditions in America. Our final stop was Bojangles' in Reading, the most northern store in the United States and the closest one to us.

It was a great weekend, and we may return for some more ice cream or another scooter ride.

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  1. Will look forward to hearing more about your Lancaster County weekend adventures, pictures included. What fun you must have had on the scooter.


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