Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What we've been up to

Pin It Well readers, when last you read we were apple-picking to kick off fall...

We had hoped to travel to the Amish country that weekend, but the forecast was nothing but rain. I'm not sure what it did there, but it was mostly just overcast here so I was a disappointed we missed our chance (again).

Brice's brother's birthday was the following Tuesday, so rather than wait until the next weekend, we decided to celebrate early. We met him in Baltimore and he picked a lovely restaurant in Little Italy for us after we strolled along the waterfront. After dinner we went in search of gelato, but found it a little more than we were willing to offer and went with Maggie Moo's instead.

The following weekend we went to King of Prussia mall (the largest in America in terms of leasable retail space). We finally got some good shopping done for Brice and marveled at the the greatest symbol of our American culture :-) The next day was mostly studying for me after church since I had my first test for my class on Tuesday. I felt the test went pretty well, but we still haven't gotten our grades yet.

Brice was traveling for work to Connecticut Tuesday through Thursday last week. Work is going pretty well for him and his thesis appears to even be the solution to a problem they've been having.

This past weekend we had our first social invitations. A couple we met at church invited Brice and me to golf and to a jewelry party, respectively. Brice had an early morning as the guys wanted to be done around the time our party was ending. We both had a good time and plan to get together with this couple more.

Sunday we finally went for a walk at our local park. It appears to be very new with lots of seedling-type trees, so very little shade. We saw lots of groundhogs though, and it became a bit of a game to spot them. On our way home we picked out some pumpkins. We have fun (but surprise!) plans for our carving, so I'll share that later...

I've mentioned our church-going a few times, but I thought I would elaborate. In August I finally decided to visit the Episcopal church across the street from where I work. A newsletter on their website was announcing a dinner for young adults that had already occurred the week before. I felt encouraged by this announcement though that there were actually young adults at this church. I went by myself the first week since Brice was visiting with his brother. The members were very friendly and I met the husband from the couple I just mentioned. He introduced himself right away and was very friendly and helpful with explaining various things about the church. He introduced me later to his wife and her friend. It's really the only church we've been to since. The priest learned our names quite quickly and we have found everyone to be very friendly and welcoming. This Friday we are attending a young adult movie night so hopefully we will meet more people.

I have learned a lot about what is important to someone new at church, so I hope that I will remember all of this in my own long-term church(es) in the future.

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