Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh yarn!

Pin It After reading one of my favorite blogs, Alicia's Homemaking, a month or so ago, I saw this awesome yarn wreath I wanted to make. It looked like one of those crafts that was definitely going to look good--not something that you could mess up if you followed instructions. Totally worth it. Find the instructions here.

First step, wrapping the entire wreath with yarn....
This is by far where you will spend most of your time on this project. It is easy, but wrapping does take a long time.

After that's complete, you get to make pretty felt flowers....
I added a couple more after deciding it was a little too bare. I had originally imagined just three flowers, but larger. I recommend that if you want all your flowers the same color, get more than one of those felt rectangles. I only bought one white and one green each.

You can make them in all kinds of colors, add things besides flowers, use multi-colored yarn--lots of options! (Alicia covered hers in burlap, which would cut down on time and give it a country look. A family member suggested wide ribbon to also save on time.) I gave mine to my husband's aunt as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving, so I did Christmas colors. I think they make a great gift.

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