Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lean your ear this way...

Pin It It's no secret that I love my magazines. Every year there are suggestions of gifts, but I don't find them all that helpful. They read more as ads for products that are pretty or cute, but rarely functional or something a person might really want. If you're looking for a good gift for a person who prefers to be surprised with something just super neat, that's a good way to go. I've gotten some great gifts like that from people who know me really well (my best friends, my brother). But most people don't know us that well and while those vintage china napkin rings are super cute, will your sister use them enough? So here is my attempt at a gift-giving idea list for 2011:

iTunes gift card
Netflix subscription
Magazine subscription
Membership to a museum
A cool kitchen gadget (like a garlic press--something they'd love to have, but don't want to just get themselves)
CD, book, or movie
Perfume or cologne
A jewelry box or valet
A charging station
A game
Something for your car
Desk accessories
Servingware, platters

And for the older adult in your life, think consumables. Try food gifts, monthly wine clubs, those fruit arrangements, or flowers. Some older adults who really don't want "presents" would like a supply of batteries, flashlights, or new towels.

Just try to think of something it would be nice to have, but you are unlikely to spend the money on yourself.

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