Sunday, November 20, 2011


Pin It In late October, we attended a dinner for newcomers at the church we have been attending. We met a few new people and spent some more time with the couple we had already met (they were on the team of members hosting). There were lots of young families and, unfortunately, not enough young couples in the newbie group. But it was consistent with our other experiences with the church; friendly and welcoming people. We signed up to participate in some ministries and enjoyed some great food. Since I came straight after work (I work directly across the street), I was very early and able to attend the evening prayer service.

My husband's parents came up to visit the first weekend in November. They stayed in Annapolis with Brice's brother on Friday and Saturday and then met up with us Sunday at an event called Punkin Chunkin' in Lower Slower Delaware. This is a very unique event which one might label as bit, ahem, of the sunburned cervical spine variety. Teams build either catapult or canon-type devices to slingshot or shoot a pumpkin as far as possible. The distances are measured by people riding four-wheelers/ATVs out in the field. It was an experience. This event is broadcast on the Discovery Channel annually on Thanksgiving. We spotted the hosts of the special, the Mythbusters trio, amongst the contestants.

The following weekend I made a trip to upstate New York to work on a quilt for my soon-to-be niece or nephew with my aunt. She had helped me pick out the fabrics and design over the summer and I had been working independently at home. I had my final exam coming up and traveling for Thanksgiving and the quilt needed to be ready for our trip to Denver at Christmas. I needed to get it done and Aunt Betty was the one to make that happen. It was a busy weekend where I learned the mechanics of making a binding cut on the bias (I couldn't tell you how now) and I spent a lot of time hunched over sewing and pinning, but we got it done. All but half the ties and the label, which I plan to finish on my own.

We will be heading to Beaufort, NC for Thanksgiving with my husband's mother's extended family this year. I expect it to be a fun trip as always :-)

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