Friday, January 27, 2012

Coffee Friday: A cheat

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I don't have a special post for you all this week and my special series on organizing is over. Thanks for all your comments during the series--seemed like a lot of people enjoyed it! Any suggestions for new topics?

I don't have a new post because I've been trying to catch up on posts about the holidays. I got really behind on blogging and I'm just now recording those stories. It's important to me to still get those written though, for the family that read the blog and for my own sort of diary purposes on the blog. Feel free to read the following that interest you, but know that they are mostly for family, but do have some special news about our next nephew to arrive on the scene :-)

A CunninghamThanksgiving
Newwwwwwwww York! Newwww York! (And other NEW things!)
Christmas in Denver
In the 'Cord
A quarter century

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