Friday, January 27, 2012

A quarter century

Pin It We celebrated twenty-five years of Brice this year--wow, so old :-) Since his birthday was on a Monday, we decided to go out for his birthday the Saturday before. We thought we would go to Philly, but didn't see anything going on that we were really interested in. My parents had given us a couple of gift cards for Christmas and Olive Garden is one of Brice's favorite places. We had a great dinner there and no wait since we were lucky enough to be able to get a bar table right away.

On his actual birthday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game since we only get two channels. We love the seasoned wings they have that are much less mess.

My co-workers were attending a UD women's basketball game on Thursday. My friends I work with on Thursdays thought it would be fun to meet each others husbands/families since we hear so much about them, so Brice and another co-worker's husband joined us for dinner. My other co-worker's husband stayed home with their three kids and just met us for the game. It was nice to meet everyone finally. The game was interesting since UD has one of the top players in women's basketball in the country. She was recruited to UConn, but she was homesick and came back to town to play for UD. There's no way UD could recruit her.

We found something fun to do in Philly for the next weekend so we went to the Brazilian Steakhouse we wanted to do for Brice's birthday. (Men love those places--all you can eat meat!) I had bought tickets for us to go to a show at a place called World Cafe Live. It was a neat venue I'm glad we found, but the show itself was just alright. We had a fun night overall though.

Last weekend Brice declared he wanted us to cook something together that required a lot of prep. We settled on chicken cordon bleu and risotto. I was very impressed with his risotto; very creamy and he stood there stirring and stirring for an hour. Nice. I was disappointed because I skipped a step in my chicken (still turned out fine), but it really didn't measure up to the risotto.

Today Brice is flying to Germany again while I spend another long weekend in upstate NY, weather permitting. This will be my last visit up there before the move.

My last days at work are also approaching. A new semester starts February 6th which will be my last day. I am taking nine hours for the semester so I'll have plenty to keep me busy with packing during our last weeks here in the states.

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