Friday, March 2, 2012

White Flour!

Pin It Happy Friday! I'd like to take just a minute to once again link to my minister brother's blog. I know this is my second week in a row taking a shortcut and using his blog for mine, but I really didn't think I'd be blogging at all until after we were in Germany. I really wanted to share this with you all. The link will take you to a post and a video about a book called White Flour by David Lamotte. David Lamotte is a singer/songwriter that my brother and I know pretty well and semi-personally. He is a Presbyterian icon of sorts. Our church, like many other Presbyterian churches, made an annual pilgrimage to a college and conference center in Montreat, NC, which is where David calls home. He writes some really great songs that are very deep and even some fun songs (one became another book he wrote that is mentioned in the video, The SS Bathtub).

I really encourage to check out the video. He's a really wonderful and genuine person.

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