Friday, March 23, 2012

From our own "castle"

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Hello, all!

This week's update comes to you not from our teeny-tiny hotel room but from the kitchen of our new apartment! Yes, that means I can cook now! We just moved in yesterday, but here's a few things about the place:
1. We'll only be here until May. This is just interim until we find something else for the duration.
2. It's the biggest place we've ever lived and it's in Europe. Go figure.
3. It's a really great location with about a 3 minute walk to the market and 5 minute walk to Brice's bus for work.

We were fortunate enough to get this place because the family who will be living here is delayed in their arrival. Our relocation aide handled the previous tenant and the agency is handling the next tenant so it is favor. They have two children which is why the place is so big, but when I imagine having two children here with us, the place seems to shrink...We honestly don't know what to do with so many places to sit. There is a nice patio/balcony with a view of the castle. A little obstructed by a tree, but we've never had a castle view before, so I won't complain.

We met the landlord's daughter the other day so he could be sure we understood everything. She speaks perfect English and is young. She offered her e-mail address to me in case we needed anything so I asked her yesterday if she'd like to go for a walk this afternoon. So I have some plans. Two activities this week with people other than my husband--I think that's a good sign.

I made my first dinner since we were in Delaware last night. All I wanted was some chicken and a bunch of vegetables after two weeks of restaurants and microwave food. Tonight we're having a comfort food from my family, ham & milk with baked potatoes and corn on the cob. The corn came in this frozen package and it probably won't be any good, but I just really wanted corn. We'll see--it's all cooking right now.

The laundromat last Friday was interesting. I guess the idea of partying while you're doing your laundry still hasn't quite caught on. Not very many people were there. We had great sandwiches though and the salad was the most attractive salad I've ever seen. I ordered a milchshake afterward that was a good attempt, but not quite an American shake. It did have a fun straw. Unfortunately, I left something there and had to walk all the way back in the morning, but luckily it was still there.

We went to Frankfurt last Saturday on the train. It's about an hour from Marburg. (Basically just long enough for you to start to fall asleep.) We were able to get set up to receive Bahn cards to get discounted rates and then we hit the streets. We walked out to the river (the Main River, Mom) and had a little picnic. The weather was just gorgeous and there were tons of people out enjoying it. The big attraction in Frankfurt is the museums, but we had to admit we weren't super-interested in them (sorry, Mom), so we just strolled the streets, went in and out of different churches and shops, and explored a mall and a large NYC-like department store. I really liked Frankfurt more than I expected, just as the guidebook predicted. For dinner, we went to an Italian place recommended by someone my husband works with. It was very good, as almost every meal here has been. Since it was St. Patrick's day, we did want to celebrate a bit. On our way out of the train station in the morning we saw one Irish pub just covered in green, white, and orange balloons. I think it might have been the only place in the city to celebrate since no one else seemed into the day and the place was more packed than anywhere I've ever been. I ordered my first Guinness and I actually liked it. I fully intended to finish it, but I was drinking quickly to avoid spilling it on myself with all the people bumping into me and I think my stomach didn't like that. I quit only a third of the way in. Oh well. Maybe next time. We had a really good time and took lots of pictures. (See the link to my seehere album)

I met with my conversation partner, or couple, yesterday. She is a GYN and he is a mechanical engineer with a solar energy company here. They also brought their 18 day old (!) baby. "She's fresh" as Nina said :-) They have two older children as well. They will be moving to Boston in July so we have some things in common with moving for jobs. Since their English is so good, I was a bit intimidated to try my German. Hopefully I will feel more confident the next time we meet, possibly this weekend. Udo is very interested in learning "business" English, which Brice may be able to help with.

Brice has a friend through work who will be coming to Marburg this weekend with his girlfriend. We have plans to meet up with them for a tour of the city and also to go to the spring festival. The stores will be open in the afternoon on Sunday, which is a big deal here.

Here's the link to the pics. Thanks for keeping up with us!

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  1. Wow, what fun you're having! It is good to have a place to call home, isn't it? My DIL's sister married a German, and her husband got a job in Berlin so she is an expat now. They love it.
    Visiting from Company Girls!


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