Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review: From the Heart

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I read this book on Saturday.  It's a quick read with big print and doesn't go too deep.  It's also one of the few physical books I have with me here in Germany because it is assigned reading for my Women's Health course this summer.

Many people know Robin Roberts from her days on ESPN, but I primarily know her as one of my morning companions in college on Good Morning America that my roommate and I watched every day.  The original version of the book contained only seven rules, but the eighth was added after Roberts' battle with breast cancer.

It is an upbeat and positive book, though not really inspirational in any particularly new way.  I enjoyed reading about her close-knit family, loyal friends, and strong Christian faith, her love of sports, and how hard she worked to get where she is today.  Not knowing much about Roberts prior to the book, I would now dub her a true role model for young women.

Since it is such a quick read, I recommend the book to you, but afterwards you should pass it along to your daughter.  There is nothing inappropriate for young readers, but it would probably be most beneficial to the fifth-grade and up crowd.  The last chapter regarding her breast cancer struggles is not in any way inappropriate, but the message may be a bit lost on girls younger than 13.

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