Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Movie Review: Dolphin Tale

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I watched this movie a couple of weeks ago.  I had seen the preview for it when I went to see War Horse and as a person with a childhood obsession with dolphins, I knew I would need to see it.

The story is somewhat predictable, but it has Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick, Jr. and an extremely lovable kid as the lead.  Basically, a kid who has been having trouble in school and life comes alive when he gets involved with caring for this dolphin.  The dolphin has lost her tail so the kid and scientists are trying to figure out how to help her compensate for this.  In the meantime, there is a financial obstacle to overcome.

The dolphin ends up being this really great symbol and the work put into helping her ends up translating into advances for human amputees.  It's a true story and one that, while not overly inspirational, holds a message for parents about kids who struggle and a message for kids about perseverance and disabilities.  Highly recommended for the family crowd, anyone who has dealt with disability, and former dolphin fanatics :-)

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