Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bamberg & Erlangen

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When my husband was interviewing for his current position, he met another woman who is also living in Germany with her husband.  We had hoped to get together with them when we were all here, but it hadn't happened yet.  Since they live in Erlangen, we decided to meet them in Bamberg for a short weekend trip.

They joined our train as we passed through Erlangen and then we all explored the city of Bamberg.  The city managed to escape the war unscathed, so that makes it special in Germany.  We had great weather and enjoyed a couple of nice views from hilltops and the biergarten where we had dinner and we explored another two churches.  One of the churches is the burial site for Pope Clement II, which makes it the only papal burial site north of the Alps.

Brice & Diana
In the evening we found ourselves some gelato and a very old brewery my husband was dying to check out and then headed back to Erlangen.  We had an issue with our hotel, so long story short, we ended up accepting the gracious hospitality of the couple.

We had planned to check out the Berg festival in town on our own the next day so we headed out and had ourselves a nice brunch at Subway.  It was a delicious slice of the US and one of very few places here that one can find a chocolate chip cookie.  Wow, was it good.  The festival was pretty standard with booth after booth selling food, some crafts, and several rides.  We settled down at a table in front of several different bands and enjoyed listening to traditional tunes along with the whole crowd joining in to sing "Country Roads, take me home".  We wondered what these Germans knew of West Virginia, but decided it's like the lands people sing about the Irish songs my mother loves.

All in all, it was a nice, short weekend trip.  More Bamberg photos here.

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