Sunday, June 17, 2012

Leipzig & Dresden

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A new friend in Leipzig
Statue of Bach
A few weeks ago we took our first trip together to eastern Germany.  A co-worker of my husband's was planning to visit some friends in Leipzig and offered us a ride.  We left about noon on a Thursday and hoped to be there in a few hours.  Since it was a holiday weekend, a lot of other people had the same idea and we hit some rough traffic.  Eventually we made it to our hostel and got settled in.  We agreed to meet the co-worker for dinner at the train station.  The main station in Leipzig is the largest of its kind in Germany.  We checked it out and got some ice cream (like we do), and then met up with Jana and her two friends.  They took us to a few sights in town like the market square, a park, another stop for ice cream, and the Monument to the Battle of the Nations (involving Napoleon).  They site tried to tell us it was the largest monument in Europe, comparing it on signs as being larger than the Eiffel Tower.  It's not.  The five of us had dinner and then went to another bar for some drinks after.

Elephants pacing
The next day the two of us set out to hit the remaining sites in Leipzig (there's not a lot), but we saw two churches, including the one where Bach worked.  We just happened to be there when a choir of older men had an small outdoor concert.  Then we spent the rest of the day at the zoo.  We had a great time and got some great, close-up looks at the animals.  Being able to see them so well though meant they weren't in the happiest environment for them though, and some aspects of the zoo bothered us.  It was still a very nice day though.  We had a great dinner of desperately needed burgers at an Irish pub.  Yum!

Martin Luther & Frauenkirche

The next morning we took the train to Dresden.  After checking in at the hostel, we headed into town.  We enjoyed an open-air market where I was able to find another napkin ring and Christmas ornament and had a nice lunch.  We saw the Church of Our Lady as well (outside only--it wasn't open), which was destroyed in the war and then rebuilt piece by piece by various cultures and is a big symbol of peace.  We took a boat ride down the river to an old palace and strolled around the grounds.  Back in Dresden we tried to see the Catholic church, but Mass was just starting so we decided to try the next day.  We sat in the courtyard of
In the garden of the palace
the Zwinger, basically an extension of the former palace.  We had a fabulous pizza dinner in the Neustadt at Vecchia Napoli.

Brice on the boat
I wasn't feeling well on Sunday, so Brice went off on his own to see the city gardens, the churches we weren't able to get into and climbed the tower of another.  After our train ride back to Leipzig, we met our ride back to Marburg.  We hit all of the holiday traffic again and it was a long ride home.  Great weekend though, with interesting sights and good food.
Photos from this trip: Leipzig & Dresden

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