Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Pin It Today my husband and I have been "together" for one decade.  We've done a lot of growing up together and we still have so much road ahead of us.  I've seen a lot of life's common struggles in my line of work and it always causes me to wonder what lies ahead for us.

I used to think it was a bad thing I couldn't simply list why I wanted to marry my husband, but now I don't really.  If pressed, I would say it is because he makes me laugh.  It may come as a surprise to a lot of people, because my husband is an engineer, but he is the goofiest and silliest person I know.

Most people don't marry their childhood sweetheart.  It usually just doesn't work out that way.  We were fortunate in that our circumstances and the choices we made helped to make it easier for us to stay together.  But whenever I tried to imagine us moving on without one another, I have always felt that when we ran into each other again back in our hometown, my heart would still have skipped a beat.  While it's not a great piece of cinematic artistry, this clip from Sex and the City the movie captures Jennifer Hudson seeing her old boyfriend once again and when I saw this, I knew that's how I would have felt.

(Start at 1:12)

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