Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Review: Sisters

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I grabbed this book from the Kindle store right before our trip to Greece.  As usual, I was browsing for free or cheap books to load my supply so I wouldn't run out during our holiday.

The story follows two (whaddya know?) sisters from the moments just after the engagement of the youngest.  She marries a man whom both her sister and cousin fancied as well.  Eventually, the other sister and cousin marry as well, but love triangles and obvious mistakes in choices of marital partners rear their ugly heads.  Resolution seems impossible without causing immense hurt to those involved.

I will keep the eventual conclusion a mystery as I feel it is worth a read, but it is not the happiest of endings.  The writing is very descriptive and I found myself lost in descriptions of trees and vegetation, but the area (northern California) does seem to come alive.

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