Tuesday, July 3, 2012


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Over the weekend we ventured to Heidelberg.  My husband got home Friday evening and we did a quick turn-around to leave Saturday morning.  It's a small university town similar to Marburg, but bigger with (I think) a better castle and much larger river.  There were also a lot of Americans there which I think was due partly because of 1) it's proximity to Army posts, 2) it's now summer, and 3) it's a more appealing tourist spot than Marburg.

We spent Saturday having our picnic lunch amidst a parade for a festival we knew nothing about.  (It seems there are festivals everywhere constantly.)  Then we crossed the river to hike up the "Philosopher's Way."  We saw some castle ruins at the top of the mountain (I seem to be enjoying ruins more than intact "castles" because the intact ones are more modern and less, as I say, "castley".) and then made our way back down.  It was a very nice area for hiking though it was very warm that day.  (Not, however, as warm as the southeast, where many of our readers are living so our hats off to all of you!)  We had dinner at a restaurant near the church that was recommended to us by Brice's colleague who joined us for that weekend back in March.

On Sunday we explored the castle and its gardens which were very nice.  This turns out to be the home of the world's largest barrel.  We've been searching for that forever!  Then we saw both churches and climbed the tower in one.  It was a rainy day so we ended up taking an earlier train back to Marburg.

All in all, a nice place to visit for a short weekend.
Largest barrel in the world.

We're guessing this is 2nd largest?

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