Friday, July 6, 2012

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Hello and welcome!  Thanks for the thoughts on books last week.  I loaded up earlier in the week with more freebies from the Kindle Store and I've read a couple.  My book for book club was much shorter than I expected and I breezed through it in just over a day and the meeting is in August.  Oops!  That's one thing about reading on a Kindle--you can't see your progress in the same way you would a physical book.

I taught my last English class this week and while I won't miss my weekly panic of making sure I have a reasonable lesson in length and content, I'll miss having a scheduled commitment and my students.  Before class I had an end-of-semester meeting with the English language department and then we had a nice Greek dinner together.  Still surprises me to think I work/worked in the English language department.  Interesting glimpse into work I would otherwise never have seen.

There was no Wednesday holiday for us in this country, but we wished each other a "Happy 4th of July" and when our original dinner plans with our tandem couple (and kiddos) fell through, we headed over to the American diner.  They boast American and Tex Mex food.  The only evidence of Tex Mex was an order of nachos.  The rest of the menu was burgers, a plate of ribs, chicken "crossies" (nuggets), and wings.  I opted for the wings thinking they would be better than just plain nuggets, but the sauce was lacking in flavor (normal for here) and looking at other tables, the crossies looked rather desirable.  Maybe if we go again.  My husband actually went for the ribs because they were so cheap compared to the States and they were relatively good.  We heard some English with American accents at a neighboring table and thought about wishing them a happy 4th, but didn't.  Most people were too quiet for us to tell if many other Americans had had the same idea.

We had my husband's co-worker, office-mate, and occasional driver over for dinner last night.  She brought us the lovely sunflowers pictured.  When we were first here she gave Brice rides home all the time so we probably owe her several dinners.

This weekend we'll be enjoying a three-day festival in town that we'll take as a belated celebration as there will be fireworks up at the castle.  No travels for a bit as my parents are coming a week from today!

(Post about last weekend's trip to Heidelberg below.)

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