Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book Review: Anne Frank

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I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit I just read this book a couple of months ago.  Somehow I never ended up having it as required reading when I was in school and amazingly enough my mother didn't tie me to a chair until I read it (like Red Scarf Girl--hi, Mom!).  I was especially embarrassed that I hadn't read it when we visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam during our April visit.  However, I certainly knew the story from more than one movie viewing and at least one theatrical presentation in middle school.

I won't waste your time on a synopsis since I think you know the story, even if you also haven't read it.  But I really encourage you to make the time to do so.  It's an important read.  What struck me the most was how unbelievably boring the first part of it was.  In the beginning, Anne was still writing about her normal life--her friends, boys, and school.  It was actually pretty hard to get through and I imagine it would be even harder for a male.  Noticing the change in tone and what was important to her as time progressed was most interesting.

I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks back about how my knowledge of the impact of World War II on Europe has really developed during my time living here.  It's reading books like this one and War Brides (see review here) that have really facilitated this.  I encourage you to read this book and make sure your children do as well.  Most people will not have the opportunity I have had, but if you get the chance to at least visit Amsterdam and the Anne Frank house, I really recommend it.  It's a very moving experience.

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