Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Date night #2

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I couldn't help myself--I had another good idea.

The last two autumn seasons we have gone apple-picking.  I know this is a tradition in a lot of families, but if it's not in yours, this might be the year to start!

The first autumn we went was only our second in Atlanta so I had to ask someone at work about where people go to do that.  (We both grew up in North Carolina where I think autumn apple-picking by families is required by law!)  So during my husband's fall break from grad school we headed up to mountains of Georgia.

The dog that joined us on the farm in north GA
We made a real day of it it by stopping at a state park to do some hiking, having lunch at one of those genuine country diners (where macaroni and cheese is a "vegetable"), and then finding an orchard that still had some apples left since apparently picking happens a bit sooner in Georgia than we are used to.

The next year we were living in northern Delaware.  I think we got advice about a place to go just over the border in Maryland.  This place had turned apple-picking into a Disney World-esque experience.  Unlike the year before when we were the only people in a small orchard, this place had a waiting line and a hay ride to take you to the areas that were approved.  We had a good time and saw a lot of families with little ones enjoying the crisp day.

The experience in Maryland
If you have kids and want to do the apple-picking experience with them, this type of place is a great choice.  This farm also had a large selection of already-picked pumpkins to explore with the kids, a few rides, a country store, and some food for a lunch.  It could be a full, nap-inducing day for a family with little ones.

Usually, you really only have to pay for the apples you pick.  In a small, family-run operation like our experience in Georgia though, be careful--someone in your party might feel he's in charge of quality and control and eat most of what should have been your apple pie!

And this is why our berry-picking experiences are also a little light :-)

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  1. I love this! We used to go pick wild blackberries from a park near my parents' house and make pie from them.

  2. Great idea! I've never done this (I guess we should have last fall when we lived in NC!). There aren't many orchards here in CO, but there are some great ranches in the fall the have cook-out, hot cider, hay rides, etc! Never thought of them for dates, but what was I thinking? They're perfect!

  3. I missed out on apple picking. I have, to this date, NEVER been apple picking. Ideally, I will remedy this in the fall. But I've been saying that for about 5 years now...


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