Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hamburg hamburger

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A couple weeks back we took a short trip to Hamburg for the weekend.  It's north of us and it's where the Beatles hung out for a while (to help some of you figure out how you know it).  There's not a ton to do so we just took the train up on Saturday morning and stayed one night.

Giant pepper grinder

We started out with New Europe walking tour which provided us with some history and brought us around to some of the more important spots.  One of the most important things to me was getting a hamburger (I know, I'm really cheesy--but so are my burgers...) so we got a suggestion of a place to go.  After dropping our things off at our hostel, we took the train over to the area where the restaurant was.  It was one of those interesting parts of town where you can find almost anything and anyone (think Little Five Points in Atlanta) and they had a festival going on to boot.  After enjoying our hamburgers (not the best, but still good), we decided to look for ice cream and explore what was going on.  It sure was a lot--tables of used clothes and housewares, makeshift bars at folding tables, bands, tons of people in the street grilling meats and more.  We did manage to find a great little ice cream shop with a large selection we were pretty excited about.  Unfortunately, I ended up with just plain vanilla because the girl didn't scoop any from the areas with the mix-ins.  Oh well.  After deciding we'd seen it all, we headed to the Reeperbahn area (this is near Beatles Square) to see what was going on there.  After seeing some very interesting things there as well, we finally settled on a pretty ordinary bar for some drinks before heading back for the night.

In the morning we went to the Sunday fish market that's very popular.  It was big with lots of booths and lots of things besides fish.  We spent a few minutes watching one fish salesman just load up a paper with different kinds of fish while talking really fast and waiting for someone to shout out some decent price like an auction.  Weird.  From there we went over to the St. Nicholas church we had visited the day before the tour.  It's a church that was destroyed a couple of times and then never rebuilt after it was bombed by the Allies.  The shell and remains were left as is with some memorials and a museum underground to be a symbol of the need for peace in the world.  We took an elevator up the tower to get a view of the city, but it was largely obstructed on one side by scaffolding.

Then my husband decided he wanted Subway so we went looking for it for lunch.  Still not having found one, we decided to try the train station.  They ended up having a large food court with a Subway and a Pizza Hut (I have been craving their pizza for months) and a KFC (oh, how I have wanted fried chicken) so we both got what we wanted.  We had plans to do a "carshare" with someone to get back to Marburg and still had a few hours before we were to meet her so we just hung out at the hostel.  (A person posts on a website where they are traveling and when and you contact them and ride with them.)  It turned out well; just a girl around our age with an internship in our town and a husband in Hamburg.  She didn't speak much English so we only talked a little bit since I know it's exhausting to carry on a conversation in English when you don't know it well.

All in all, we had a nice time.

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