Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our ornaments

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I've already shared my napkin ring collection here and have shared updates on that collection.  The napkin ring collection began specifically when we knew we were moving to Europe and was designed to be a special collection from just those places during that special experience.

Right before we got married, I began collecting Christmas ornaments from places we visited.  This is a tradition we'll continue through the years, unlike the napkin rings.  We try to find something that represents something that happened while we were there or something we really associated with the area.  A lot of the time I go into the trip not knowing what I'm looking for and then I have some kind of "Aha!" moment where something seems perfect.  I don't always find what I want and sometimes we have to use things that aren't intended to be ornaments (small toys, 3D magnets), but we usually find something we like.  Most of our ornaments are back in the States in our POD (our lobster from Boston, the sloth from Costa Rica, the starfish from our honeymoon), but I'll share a few we have collected during our time here in Europe.

Paris, France-We had a picnic of bread, cheese, sausage, and sometimes wine every day.

Bruges, Belgium-Bruges is filled with lots of swans and is a popular place for handmade lace.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands-This clog represents the traditional Dutch footwear with the traditional blue and white pottery design of a windmill.  The clog is filled with the Dutch tulips we came to see during the tulip season.  We really hit 'em all with this one!

Dresden, Germany-This isn't exactly representative of Dresden, but I have two other baby walnut ornaments (baby Jesus and a little mouse) and liked the twins :-)

Santorini, Greece-The iconic blue and white buildings found on the island and this one is a Greek Orthodox church.

Heidelberg, Germany

Berlin, Germany-Another walnut baby :-)

Switzerland-The Alps are full of cows and noisy (!) because of the bells they each wear.

Ireland-This white china with shamrocks is a popular pattern in Ireland and the harp is the national symbol.

Prague-"Bohemian crystal" is all over the city and we really liked this small sample and its irregular shape.

Do you collect special Christmas ornaments?  Maybe from your travels or one to represent something that happened during the year?


  1. oooh, I like that Bohemian crystal! That's going to look very nice with your white lights! =)

  2. What a special Christmas tree you will have this year with the addition of all your newly acquired ornaments.


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