Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 1!)

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--- 1 ---
After reading lots of other bloggers' 7 Quick Takes for weeks now, I decided to finally give it a go myself.  The reason it has taken so long is that I have been participating in a different Friday link-up at Home Sanctuary for over 2 1/2 years.  I love Rachel Anne dearly and don't want to ditch her, but since she's taking some time off I thought this was a perfect week to join up.  Some of these quick takes might get boring for you, but please at least read #7 if you start to just skim--I'm hoping for some participation in something! (I didn't put it as the first one because I was already almost done, but it occurred to me while typing it that maybe people wouldn't get all the way to the end.)
--- 2 ---
I have been super behind on my blog posts about what we did on our most recent trips: the Romantic Road (when my in-laws came to visit) and Nice, France (my husband's business trip I tagged along on).  These are still coming, I promise, but I will probably make it even more difficult because...
--- 3 ---
This weekend we are going to Luxembourg and Trier.  We're leaving tomorrow and only doing a one night trip, but it should be really nice.  We're renting a car instead of doing the train which I always find more relaxing (though I'm not the one driving the car in a foreign country and driving a manual that I'm not used to).
--- 4 ---
The reason I am behind is that pesky and supposed priority of mine, school.  (It really is a priority, but I would rather let something more fun be my priority, like blogging!)  I had a test yesterday.  I hadn't done as well as I had hoped to on the first test so I was hoping to do much better on yesterday's.  This did not go as I planned since it turned out to be 98 questions to answer in 90 minutes.  I had always thought that the # of minutes to complete a test was always ≥ the # of questions on the test, unless it was one those things where you're answering things really fast because that's the idea.  This was a test on pathophysiology of the gastrointestinal system, the cardiopulmonary systems, arterial blood gases, and fluid and electrolyte imbalances.  You know, that sorta easy stuff.  On top of the time thing, my online proctor was 40 minutes late in giving me my exam which threw me all off because I lost my good mental state and no, I can't use that extra time to study because I had no idea while I was waiting if it would be 5 minutes or 15 (or 40!) and short little looks at notes only confuse me before a test.
End rant.
--- 5 ---
I participated for the first time in another new link-up this week, Wedded Bliss Wednesdays.  You can read my marriage advice here, which is pretty good if I do say so myself.  (I do. -->See what I did there?)  Next week is the husbands' turn to answer questions about the wives so check back for the flattery I'll be posting about myself next week.
--- 6 ---
I realized that I wrote a lot of things that could maybe use some explanation.  You could always look around my blog for more info, but here's the scoop: I am an American, but my husband and I are temporarily living in Germany for his job and taking full advantage of this situation by traveling as efficiently as possible to see as many places as possible without breaking the bank.  I'm a nurse, but I'm not working here because I don't speak German so instead I am working on advancing my degree going to school online (I hope to be finished next summer!)  Here is one of the many pictures we took when we went out last week to get a good shot of us in our home town:
See our castle up on the hill?
--- 7 ---
Over the past couple of years I have seen a lot of friends and family who are newer parents creating some parenting philosophies that are pretty interesting.  Often their ideas are a bit counter-cultural or at the very least different from what their parents did.  (Like, no Disney princesses) I'm not a parent so I can't necessarily write my own post about how I parent.  I thought maybe I could pose the questions and get answers in comments from readers.  But after participating in Wedded Bliss Wednesdays, I realized that perhaps what would be more fun for everyone is to offer the same set of questions and allow bloggers to answer them on their own sites and share through a link-up.  Would people be interested in doing that?  I've never hosted a link-up before, but I'm really interested in reading what people have to say about their parent philosophies. Questions would be like, What are you doing differently than most parents?  Than your parents?  Why?  What do your parents think of your philosophies?  Don't answer right now!  Save it please!  Just let me know you'd be interested by leaving a comment.  Thanks!

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  1. Welcome! I am only on vol 7 of Take 7 so I am fairly new. I am also a first time parent and I love reading other parenting ideas. Our situation is unique in that we both work second shift so our son's "schedule" is definitely different than most kids. I would love to be part of a link-up on parenting.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Good news about the link-up idea--stay tuned!

  2. Welcome!!
    #4 gave me angina just reading it! Hope u did well
    What a great way to pass your time in Germany! That will most certainly pay off in the long run awesome to take advantage of the traveling. I'm a little jealous here....;-)

    1. Thanks, Tracy! If you ever do get the opportunity to do some European travel in the future and want some tips, be sure to check out that section of my blog or ask me. I love helping people with their holidays!


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