Saturday, October 13, 2012

Evolution of meaning

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When I first started Over the Threshold a few years ago it was to chronicle our newlywed days and explore our new marriage.  (You know how the groom carries the bride over the threshold.)  As time has gone by and our lives have evolved, I have realized that the meaning of Over the Threshold has evolved as well.  After moving from the initial newlywed days, I began exploring home and family life more; I realized the title meant more of sharing what was happening "over our threshold".   After we became the movers we are today, I realized Over the Threshold referred more to stepping over one threshold to leave and another to arrive.  When we moved to Germany and decided to travel, it evolved to mean sharing what was happening every time we bravely ventured out over our threshold to find new adventures.

In the future I imagine the blog will be aptly named still as Over the Threshold comes to mean crossing into a new phase of life or even metaphorically breaching a threshold potential (for the science nerds out there).  I get the feeling the blog title will always make sense and I look forward to seeing every shade of meaning it offers during our shared life.

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