Friday, December 28, 2012

Finally--another take!

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--- 1 ---
Not to toot my own horn or anything, but yesterday was my birthday!  (Toot toot, I guess)  People always ask if it's difficult to have a birthday so close to Christmas, but I don't know any other way so I'm really not sure.  I just always enjoy having Christmas Eve, Christmas, Birthday Eve, and Birthday.  We went to my favorite restaurant from my childhood, Friendly's, and I got a meal that contained buffalo sauce and a super chocolatey sundae to myself so it turned out pretty well.  Tonight we'll continue the festivities with boxed strawberry cake and funfetti icing.  Inexplicably, this is my preferred cake above anything homemade, though I miss the old funfetti icin with the rainbow chips instead of sprinkles.)  I'll have 12 days of birthday until my it's my husband's turn in January :-)
What I came home from work to the morning of my birthday when we were first married.  It's been hard to top:-)
--- 2 ---
Yesterday I got fingerprinted for my new job and then went to drop off my donations at Goodwill.  I decided I'd check out the goods to see if there was anything I could use for my new job and volunteer job.  (I'm not used to dressing up for anything more than church since I have always just worn scrubs to work.)  I picked one item that had a blue tag so I got it half off and then because it was my birth month and I joined their club, I got an additional 25% off (there was no deeper discount for it being my birthDAY).  I didn't find much, but here's what I did get:
Vineyard vines sweater: $4.99 reduced to $3.74
Banana Republic cardigan: $10 reduced to $5
H&M sweater coat: $5.99 reduced to $4.49
--- 3 ---
Oh yeah--I don't think I mentioned yet that I did get a school nursing job!  I start next week and I'm a bit nervous, but thankful.  I still remain a student myself while I'm working so I hope I can keep up with a condensed winter-term course and working full-time.  It seems like a lot right now, but I think I have just forgotten what life is like without having to go to the grocery store everyday or spend days doing laundry :-)
--- 4 ---
We had a great weekend in NY with my mother's side of the family doing some pre-Christmas festivities.  We decided to come back home for Christmas Eve and day so we had our first Christmas just the two of us in our own home and it was actually pretty nice.  We missed everyone, but not having to drive twelve hours was fine to skip.
--- 5 ---
I got a breadmaker for Christmas!  It was my big gift and my husband was sweet enough to even make me a ridiculously hard riddle-based treasure hunt for it!  I do it every year for him because that was a tradition in our family.  The disappointing thing though is that the lid is defective so I cannot yet make any delicious bread.  I'm considering getting a different model altogether that would take up a little less space, the Oster CKSTBRTW20.  Do you have it?  Would you recommend it?  I have a Sunbeam 5891 now.
--- 6 ---
This is my second post for today because I also had to post for a link-up for a Secret Santa swap I participated in with other bloggers this year.  You can see that post here and see what my Secret Santa in France sent me and a recap of what we did for Christmas.
--- 7 ---
Tonight we are using our movie passes we have had for over 2 years nowI received 4 passes during my time working in the hospital, once for staying late during an ice storm and another time for covering for a nurse that was coming in 3 hours late.  We only used the first two this past winter right before we moved to Germany.  As you can see, we go to the movies about once a year, so this is a special occasion.  We are deciding between The Hobbit and Les Miserables.  Suggestions?

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  1. Happy belated birthday!

    I'd say shoot for Les Miserables, because the Hobbit is one of 3, and will be a lot more enjoyable on DVD as a marathon (and with the option to skip hours of pretty scenery and nothing happening).

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes and movie advice. We didn't get out last night, but hope to tonight if the snow doesn't stop us. Looks like we're actually going to do the Hobbit because my husband isn't really interested in seeing Les Mis in a theatre :-( Thanks for stopping by!


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