Monday, December 3, 2012

Little Holy Days: Advent Traditions

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I'm linking up today with a few other blogs to talk about our traditions during Advent.  Click on the button below to see more blogs talking about Advent traditions.

I have always been big on tradition.  In fact, my brother once told me that sometimes he used to think I was going to burst out into a Fiddler on the Roof-style chorus of, Tradition!!!  Add to that my above-normal obsession with this time of year and you've got one enthusiastic celebration.

We don't have a lot of Advent traditions to talk about that are all that unusual.  I grew up always reading an Advent calendar.  After the last Christmas before I got married, my mom gave me our family's Advent calendar since she knew how important it was to me.  Coincidentally, it's the same one that Haley's family (@ Carrots for Michaelmas) uses.

We also have Advent wreath that I made at our church's Christmas craft day.  I didn't grow up using one, but I'll always have one as an adult.  I've had trouble finding the correct colored candles--rose is elusive and this color I have isn't exactly purple, but it's close and I tried :-)

Other than going to church and participating in everything there on the Advent Sundays, we don't really do too much more.  I have been giving a lot of thought to possibly changing our traditions in the last couple of years to be observant of Advent and moving some of the celebration to the time after Christmas day through Epiphany, but it's not going over well in our house.  I've always kept our decorations up through Epiphany, but we haven't been really gung ho about being liturgically consistent.  We'll see what evolves!


  1. Baby steps right - it's so strange to be the one who wants to shake things up!

    1. You're right, Molly. I'm not sure how far to go with things, but so far I'm getting a "stop" sign pretty early on!

  2. It looks like you're off to such a great start...and I can really identify with you about the resistance factor. Our Advent traditions have definitely evolved slowly. We started out with just the calendar and the wreath, too...and I always had that same problem finding the right color candles! (This year I figured out I could order them from a Catholic bookstore online - problem solved. Why didn't I think of that before?) Thanks for sharing your traditions.


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