Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More traditions

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What is a holiday tradition that you and your husband do or plan to do each year?

As I mentioned in my recent post about our Advent traditions, I am BIG on tradition.  One of my favorites that we can't do anymore since we moved away from NC was our trip to McAdenville.  It's a really special small town covered in Christmas lights and charm.  Best of all, it's totally free.  We would go early (about 5 or so) and eat at the diner on Main Street so that we were there when the lights came on.  Then we'd walk around and be able to leave before all of the heavy traffic arrived.  Perfect!  After that we'd go to my parents' house and watch It's a Wonderful Life while my father fell asleep and eventually snored through it :-)

Since we have been with our families most Christmases we don't have as many traditions specific to our family for the big day, but I'm trying to start some.  Like making sure we have a fun or special meal on Christmas Eve before church and a special breakfast Christmas morning.  Depending on where we eventually land, we may incorporate a trip to a tree farm to cut our own tree or a trip to NYC.

Other current favorites:

1. Our Advent calendar and wreath 

2. Watching our Christmas movies

3. A treasure hunt started in my husband's stocking for his "big" gift
4. Eating chocolate chip cookies containing Christmas M&Ms with hot chocolate after setting up our tree
5. Church on Christmas Eve!

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  1. I love watching Christmas movies, that is certainly a tradition of ours!
    I found your blog through the link up :)

    1. Sometimes it's the movies that make it Christmas for me--so many memories evoked from watching the same things every year. Thanks for stopping by!


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