Friday, December 14, 2012

My halls are decked

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I finally completed all the Christmas decorating.  It's not really that I didn't have time or that I was lazy.  This year I have been reading a lot about holding off on Christmas celebrations in favor of a more complete observance of Advent.  It's not something we really embraced this year (it isn't too popular right now), but it's the reason I have been slower than usual in my preparations.

The one thing that really has been delayed has been the hanging of my stockings by the chimney with care.  I made stockings for us our first Christmas a few years ago, but I have since decided that I don't really like them that much.  When I was shopping in Marburg, I saw a lot of Christmas decorations that were great.  I managed to restrain myself to only buying a small garland.  But I also saw these stockings I loved and they looked simple enough to make:

Turns out they were more difficult than I thought due to some issues with fusible interfacing and making the nice curvatures that make the heel so nice.  But I finally finished them last night and I'm pleased.  Here they are:

I like the simple design and I feel like the collection could easily be added to with the same basic stocking and different applique.

And now a little tour of the rest of the decor...
Our giant stocking on the front door (no wreath for us yet--read on for why...)

Our neighbors' lovely wreath--what I hope our door will eventually resemble
Stockings my husband and I made in high school.  The snowman one is looking pretty rough these days but they're hard to get rid of...
Our Advent calendar and nativity set, sans Jesus (the little people also have strings attached to be ornaments--Mary looks a bit like a pilgrim though...)
Nativity made from small flower pots
Our mantle (so excited to finally have a decent one!)
And now a closer look at what is up there....
Dashing through the snow...
This is a carved nativity from Israel
Our Advent wreath flanked by Mr. & Mrs. Snowman
Our tree (I'm actually not thrilled with it this year because it has very weak branches and I haven't been able to fill in bare spots because of this.)
This angel is made from an okra pod!
Our First Christmas ornament

Two other "first Christmas" ornaments and our Dutch clog with tulips!
These two, Baby Jesus in a walnut and mouse in a walnut were already part of my collection and why I was happy to add two new walnut ornaments in Germany.

I just love this little guy--he's a s'more!
I love these placemats and napkins because they aren't specifically "Christmas" (I have four but the table gets crowded and we only need two).  Also, our poinsettia plate (this is where I put the newest Christmas cards for my husband to see and the Advent book to read at dinner)
We actually don't have that many decorations up for a couple of reasons.  One being that after realizing the house in Home Alone did not have many decorations but was actually red and green to begin with, I decided I would get that going in my own home.  It's not as extreme with wallpaper and everything, but our living room motif is green and the kitchen is red.  (I know most people would not keep Christmas decor in mind when decorating their homes, but I do have an above-average enthusiasm for it.  And I'm not exactly sacrificing anything because red and green are my two favorite colors anyway and I would probably have chosen them with or without Christmas in mind.)  The other reason is just that we don't have a ton of storage space and everything has to be moved so frequently I am holding off on buying (or making) certain decorations, like a nice wreath for our door (these take up so much space).

It was fun sharing our decorations with you.  If you haven't yet read, Over the Threshold has a Facebook page now so I hope you'll give us a "like".  You can also follow me on Pinterest.

This week I am linking up with Company Girl Coffee at Home Sanctuary, but I am also adding my link to a Christmas decoration link-up here.  Click to see more decorated homes!


  1. Great decorations! I love your nativity from Israel. My grandmother and mom have ones just like it - so pretty and special.

    1. Thanks, Kristin! My brother picked out something olive-wood carved for everyone when he was in Israel last year. It's nice to have one that is simple and all one piece.

  2. Ahhhh! I love everything...especially the stockings! I admire your creativity in making them. I always say I'm going to start doing more handmade things but it seems like it's never quite happened. Your okra pod angel has to take a prize for most creative use of Okra - I love it.

    1. Thanks, Rachel Anne! I have seen many stockings over the years that I liked but I have always thought that if I am really a person who sews then of all things I should make our own stockings. I wish I could take credit for the okra angel, but alas, it was part of an annual craft day at our church along with the flowerpot nativity and the Advent wreath!

  3. I love everything too!! The stockings are wonderful! Great job with all of it!

  4. Those are such wonderful decorations! I love how many nativity scenes you have. I have been hesitant to buy/make any because I want a nice one... but after seeing your flower pot one, maybe I should give it a try!

    1. Thanks! I also am looking forward to getting a really nice one someday, but the first one that can double as ornaments came as a gift from my mother when I was going to university so I'd have my own set there. I'm glad I have a kid-proof one. You should totally make one :-)

  5. Your stockings look great! Also, I have the same Smores ornament, a friend got it for us this year. Super cute!

    Your mantle looks gorgeous! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks, Katie! I saw that we have the same ornament--one of the reasons I included it!

  6. That flowerpot nativity - I am speechless. So adorable!!!

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! I wish I could take credit, but it was part of a church craft day. Easy to do though!


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