Friday, December 28, 2012

Secret Santa and Christmas recap

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I had completely forgotten that I would be getting a package for Secret Santa so when a package arrived from France early in December I was baffled.  When I saw the contents, I suddenly remembered.  Here is what I received from sweet Malorie in France....
This singer apparently won the French version of American Idol.  I keep reading and saying her name as NolVenn because my German self can't seem to stop pronouncing w's as v's.  It's pretty good and there are several English songs, including a nice version of Amazing Grace.  I didn't care for Dirty Old Town...
Washi tape!  (I also pronounce this "Vashi")  Good timing since I have been seeing a lot on Pinterest with it and the colors are great!
...and a cute owl necklace that provided the perfect accessory for an outfit that had been lacking the perfect accessory until now :-)

 I think she did a great job!  Good surprises and I love that she sent music popular in her country and it was so nice to receive something from my old continent :-)  I can't remember what was on my list--I think I said jewelry--but whatever it was, I love what she sent.  Thanks, Malo!

As for the Christmas recap...We drove over to my extended family in upstate NY for the weekend.  My aunt and uncle hosted a nice dinner for my grandmother, uncle, and us.  On Sunday, the six of us drove out to my aunt's and we got to spend the day with three of my younger cousins and my cousin's husband.  The day brought a rousing game of Cranium WOW, a delicious buffet, and a pregnancy announcement from cousin and her husband!

We drove back home on Monday to have Christmas at our house; our first Christmas just the two of us in our own home.  (We've been with family the last few years.)  Since we didn't have a lot going on for Christmas day we decided  to try going to church on Christmas Day instead of Christmas Eve.  We slept so late we missed the Mass we'd intended to go to and had to find another.  It was nice, but I'm not sure if it's a tradition I want to start.  My favorite day of the whole year when I was growing up was always Christmas Eve because of the candlelight service at our church.  Not going on Christmas Eve and not having candlelight is difficult for me.

When we got home we opened our gifts and got the cinnamon buns started (it would appear we could have had no gifts whatsoever and my husband would have been happy as long as he could still eat 5 cinnamon buns).  I was pretty proud of the stocking I put together for my husband and he seemed quite surprised by all of his gifts and I think also that there could be that many things he'd actually like to have (He had no gift suggestions at all until Christmas Eve when he told me he thought he wanted a new guitar amp.  I told him it was a bit late.)  His stocking contained the first clue to the traditional "big present" treasure hunt.  I had pretty good rhymes and I had him stumped with a couple of clues.  Eventually he found his gift--a certificate for guitar lessons :-)

He was also sweet enough to do a treasure hunt for me for the first time and did some really challenging riddles where he tried to make me think I was getting a hedgehog :-)  Instead I got the breadmaker I had been promised on our second anniversary and that I wrote I wanted in my Christmas wish post.  I've included photos of some birthday presents too because my birthday was yesterday.

Unfortunately, it is back in its box because the lid is defective :-( and I will have to send it back before my house is filled with the scrumptious scent of homemade bread!

The red kettle I also mentioned in my wish post (this was a birthday present)
Meat thermometer that can sit outside of the oven so you don't have to keep opening the door to check the meat.
Beautiful candles from my husband's brother that he got on a mission trip in Jamaica.
We received Mr. Snowman our second Christmas from my in-laws.  The next year, he found Miss Right.  Apparently, the gestation period of a snowbaby is about one year because this little guy showed up this year.  What a happy family!
Our mantle with the stockings I made this year and super cute Christmas tree and Santa candles on the right from my aunt.
We had a great Christmas and I loved participating in the Secret Santa Swap!


  1. That necklace is so pretty!


    1. Thanks! It looked great with a black/white/gray outfit I wore to church.

  2. Wow you got some amazing stuff! Thank you so much for participating! :)


  3. Thanks for linking up! Malorie was super good to you! :) Glad you had a great Christmas! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks again! I need your address--I wasn't thinking and re-used the envelope without copying it down!

  5. Thanks for the wonderful scarf and nail polish! I use the scarf almost every day and love it. Awesome post as well. You got some really cool gifts :D

    xo, Adriana.


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