Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The time God used Phillip Phillips to sing to me

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Anyone who knows us or has read the blog for awhile knows that we have moved an awful lot now.  And what we've been discussing recently is that we're not sure most people realize all that moving so frequently entails.  I think people envision a lot of boxes and not much else.  (We do a self-move also so it's us carrying all those boxes.)  You have to re-register your cars, get new drivers' licenses, get new professional licenses, I have to look for a new job and interview.  Finding a grocery store, the post office, a new church...it's a lot.  But I think we've done pretty well with it and we are probably better suited to this than the average person.  Just today I was thinking about how I'm actually very grateful that our circumstances have pushed me outside of my comfort zone so much that being outside of my comfort zone is almost more comfortable.  Did you follow that?

When we made our first move to Atlanta, we had no idea how long we'd be there--2 years or the rest of our lives.  (It was just under 2 years.)  Since moving was still new, when we moved to Delaware I looked at our new home a certain way that is very specific to arriving in a new home; there's an effort to memorize everything and imagine what will happen there.  I did the same to a degree in Germany.  But I found when we were making our way to Connecticut that the whole process had become so commonplace that I didn't feel like Connecticut was going to be our next home.  Just a place to "stay" for a little bit.

I'm going to be admit to being woefully out of touch with American music while we were in Germany.  Yes, the top 40 makes its way around the world, but since I didn't have a radio to listen to (no car and none at home) I really wasn't able to participate in the whole "Call me maybe" craze or the return of the boy-band.  So when I started listening after we returned I was searching for songs that would be new favorites for me.  With the long, solo drive north ahead of me, I had plenty of time to catch up.  I didn't hear much that struck me and spent most of my time sticking to old favorites.  Two that I did really enjoy were "Some nights" and "Home".  I shared this with my husband when we stopped overnight before continuing our drive and he told me he'd heard these on his visit back to the US a couple of months prior.

Do you know how it is when there's a new song you hear and you just love it and keep hoping it will come on the radio?  That's what I was doing the whole rest of the drive.  I got lucky a couple of times with "Some nights". (You should see me rock out to that one in the car.  If you do see me in my car and it appears I am having some sort of attack, just scan your dial and you will likely find that "Some nights" is on a station.)  I never did come across "Home" again though.

That is until we had just taken the exit for our new home town.  Almost as if on cue Phillip Phillips' voice began crooning just as I was scanning the buildings around me on the drive in.  It was the most startling moment for me and I cried as I realized with absolute certainty that God was speaking to me and that this was my assurance from God that no matter how short our time may be, we will be at home.


  1. I love love love that song! I've always said that home is wherever my husband is, and that our kids will be fine moving all the time as long as our family is together, but it certainly helps to now have a song to put to it! "Temporary Home" is another fave of mine :)

    1. I say the same thing! "Home is wherever I'm with you" is a sign I hope to have in our house someday. I wrote a post about that a few years back that you can probably find in the archives or by just searching "Home". I think it's from 2009.


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