Thursday, January 17, 2013

The rest of the napkin rings

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While we were living abroad and traveling around Europe, I decided I wanted to collect a souvenir that I would actually be able to use and not just display.  I've always liked the idea of having all different napkin rings at a table because it is a very small piece of a tablescape and the uniqueness of each lends an eclectic flair.  We collected 21 napkin rings in all (one for every trip though on some trips we found none and on some trips we found a few) and I have shared them as we collected them.  Finally catching up on that after our return to the US, here are the remaining napkin rings from our collection that have not yet been shared.  See the others here, here, and here.


Rothenberg, on our Romantic Road trip



Luxembourg (an antique)

Austria (we were told this is the same felt from which they make their characteristic hats)

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