Monday, February 25, 2013


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So I realized since I've been trying so hard to catch up on all the other things I wanted to write about I have been neglecting the story of "us" or as the post label says, the "Family record".  Maybe because so many of the things we are up to these days seem humdrum and not all that blog-worthy and I cover them well enough with a Quick Take of a Coffee Friday.  We're both busy with work and I have school adn volunteering as well so there's less time for excitement compared to the last year.
We did have a bit of an exciting weekend a couple of weeks ago with the 2013 blizzard though.  The Thursday before my school was abuzz the way schools are when snow has been forecast.  By the end of the day I was so used to the idea that we would be off  the next day I think I would have been really upset if I'd had to come in.

My school system was called off Thursday evening and we actually watched a bit of news to see what was coming.  Brice was supposed to have drive to Tarrytown for the morning but the trip was luckily postponed.  I ventured out early Friday morning for some provisions since our regular schedule now is to shop for food on the weekend.  The snow had already started and I had to brush off the car between stores because of the accumulation while I was inside.  I got home as soon as I could and got settled inside.

The snow was supposed to start getting bad around 2 so I was relieved when Brice called and said they were letting his office go early at noon.  He came home and really enjoyed his half-day at home.  We played Scrabble and watched Arrested Development on Netflix for the evening and ended up not even having a real dinner because we wanted to have the bread I was making and cookies instead :-)

The wind didn't turn out to be as loud as I was afraid it would be.  Everything was pretty much over when we woke up Saturday.  We had a lazy morning, but I was really looking forward to working out so I put on my boots and tried the path, but the guys were still working on shoveling it.  I took some pictures for our families and to share with all of you and I attempted to measure but my best measurement was 11 inches and the official total was 22.  There was just way too much drifting to be able to tell easily.

After we'd both finally worked out, we set to work digging our cars out.  That's when you realize how much snow there really is.  We had a nice neighbor give us a hand since we've only invested in one snow shovel so far since we're not sure if several will be necessary for us yet.  We brought the neighbors cookies later as a thanks for all the help.

Our church was still open on Sunday so I went on my own because Brice wasn't up to it in the morning.  I went with him later in the evening to a church that's closer.  Since the roads seemed good to me, I was surprised when our schools were canceled again for Monday but I was sure grateful for the extra time to do things!

Now for some pictures of Nemo:
My black car on the left.

My black care in the middle.

My husband's car

I saw the guy who owns that SUV second from the right come out with nothing but a Swiffer to get himself out.  No shovel.

Super glad this wasn't my car.

This is a snow drift in our stairwell and that's my hole-punch ruler poking out the top.


  1. This is just showing my ignorance at never having a huge snow storm like this, but why are the wipers sticking up on some of the cars?

    1. It's a trick that wasn't particularly effective with a snowfall this great, but the idea is the if you leave them up they will not freeze down. It's pretty hard to scrape in all those little nooks and crannies so if they are out of the way you can scrape the whole windshield easily and then just drop the wipers and use them without any trouble. With as much as we got, it didn't matter too much.


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