Friday, February 22, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 5

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--- 1 ---
I had a nice visit in Albany over the weekend.  I stayed with my aunt and uncle and had dinner with them Friday night and then ice cream at a unique "coffeehouse-style" kind of place we've gone to with them several times.  On Saturday my aunt and I went shopping and stopped to see my grandmother.  On Sunday we had church and brunch at a place voted the best breakfast in the city (or something like that).  My aunt and I both had the special crepes--berries, walnuts, and Brie.  Really good!  We had an early dinner with my grandmother, aunt, and great aunt and uncle and then spent some time Monday shopping in Saratoga and having lunch at an Irish pub (this pub was deemed 3rd best pub in the world!).
--- 2 ---
I still haven't had a full, 5-day week yet.  This was my third 4-day week in a row because of the snow and President's day.  I'm halfway through my time here at this school and just starting to feel settled in and like I know a lot of the kids.  I bet being here for years would make me feel like I knew all of them like my own but it's really hard for me to imagine being in any job much more than a year!
--- 3 ---

Speaking of the kids, I wore a pair of those seashell earrings I showed you last week yesterday for a bit to make sure the little boy who gave them to me saw them.  I pointed them out and he didn't even remember giving them to me!  Ha!  So I guess I won't worry about not wearing them :-)
--- 4 ---
Our trilingual secretary is out today so I am flexing my Spanish muscles which have been really underused in the last year.  The parents are all calling with a, "Buenos dias!"  And I'm going, "Senora ________ esta no aqui hoy!"  We'll make it through ok, but if I need any Portugese I'm in trouble.
--- 5 ---
We're having spinach quiche tonight for our meatless meal.  What are some of your favorite meatless meals?  My husband and I aren't really keen on fish other than salmon occasionally and I like shrimp (probably just because it's fried!) and tuna so I usually need to get a bit more creative.  We did pancakes and eggs on Ash Wednesday and we were both out of town last Friday so I have 5-6 more Fridays to cover.  I think veggie lasagna will be one and salmon another.  Any other ideas??
--- 6 ---
If you read last week's post on The Five Love Languages, make sure you didn't miss this week's post about my personal love languages.  If you aren't a gift person, there is likely some good insight there to help you understand the gift people in your life.  I also reviewed the Duggars' second book, Multiple Blessings.
--- 7 ---
On Monday I'll share some pictures from Nemo the 2013 blizzard and maybe we'll have more pictures to share after this weekend.  We'll be getting some kind of winter weather but the call on whether it will be snow or wintry mix is still up in the air.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for snow!  (Did you know that crossing your fingers was actually not superstitious and rather an ancient sign of the cross?  But you have to use your thumb and pointer.)
Just a little preview...that's my black car in the middle.

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  1. wow~ sooooo much snow! have a great weekend girl! love Katie

    1. Yeah, it was a lot, and we got probably the least in New England! The only part that seemed annoying was having to get the cars out. Otherwise, it's beautiful!

  2. For our meatless dishes we eat a lot of pasta. But there is one recipe that I really like (it's posted in my blog: If you don't like making pastry you can just get one from the supermarket, but I thought it was fairly easy to make. And it tasted really good, too!

    We got a vegetarian cookbook from Trey's mom for Christmas (she's a vegetarian) and there are some delicious recipes in it.

    Let me know if you want me to recommend any other meatless dishes :)

    1. That recipe looks really good! I think I'd love it. Brice doesn't like mustard, but maybe I can make it sometime just for me or for company if he's not around. I think I'll make it through this Lent ok this year, but I would like to have a larger repertoire. Meatless just isn't too popular in this house :-)

    2. I was raised by carnivores and we relished in our hamburgers, steaks, etc. Trey, while he does eat meat occasionally, was raised by a vegetarian mother so he doesn't really crave meat all that often. I've gotten more used to only eating meat maybe once every two weeks but sometimes I sneak a hamburger!


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