Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 3

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--- 1 ---
This was my first full week of work at my long-term sub job.  The whole 5-day work week is a new thing for me.  (And it actually still is since today we are off for a snow day!)  I've only ever had 3 day weeks in the past because I worked in the hospital and did 12 hour shifts.  When I actually started working daytime hours I went part-time and was still only doing 3 days a week but just 8 hours.  So working that traditional Monday to Friday daytime schedule seems like I'm pretending to be a grown-up or something.  It is weird for me to think I've never really done this before.  It's going well so far and the kids are usually pretty good.  I like the people I'm working with as well though some are friendlier than others.
--- 2 ---
We're expecting a big snowstorm here in the northeast and my husband and I have made plans to build a snowman.  We've never actually done that together so it should be fun.  Maybe we can collect our snow from the cars in buckets and kill two birds with one stone...
--- 3 ---
I was a bit MIA last week due to my condensed January class wrapping up.  That was a stressful week with my final exam and my paper.  My husband was good enough to be very understanding and let our normal routine fall apart as we went to later dinners, leftovers all week, no laundry, etc.  I sure was relieved Friday night, but it was short-lived since the spring semester started Monday.  Oh well.  This is the last real semester and then just a 1 hour credit over the summer and I'll be finished!
--- 4 ---
On a related note, I got my clinical practicum assignment for this semester in pediatrics.  I'm excited about getting to look more at nursing management instead of just bedside care like during nursing school.
--- 5 ---
Do you eat ice cream when it's cold outside?  I eat ice cream no matter the weather, but I can't seem to get my husband to feel the same way.  I guess he'll eat it at home, but he won't go out for it.  He's telling me not until it's above freezing one night which means probably not until April, unless Phil was really right and spring comes early.
--- 6 ---
I'm finally catching up on my neglected blogging for the last few months.  I was still posting things that were current or really fun to write about but I still hadn't written up our last few trips from Europe and I was backed up with book reviews too.  If you're interested, just look back through the last several posts for trips to Nice, Luxembourg, Austria, and Berlin along with our return to the US and book reviews for My Life as an Experiment and St. Anne's Day (Catholic chick-lit!).
--- 7 ---
Oh, and last but not least, I actually kissed something yesterday and made it better.  The tiniest and cutest little boy ever came in to me with a cut from a knife covered with a napkin.  He was crying and shaking and wouldn't let me take the napkin because he didn't want to see it.  (I'm worried it's really bad if it's a knife, but it was like a papercut.)  I got it covered with a Band-Aid ASAP (the best way to stop the tears) and he finally started drying up.  I kissed it and apparently it really was all better.  It made me feel powerful :-)

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  1. The power of boo-boo kissing cannot be overstated. :-) Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying your snow!

    1. We did, Abbey! Did you guys get any down there? I am thinking of you an praying for you :-)


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