Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick Takes-vol. 4

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--- 1 ---
Yesterday was my first Valentine's Day working in an environment where Valentine's day is very exciting.  This is a particularly busy day for a school nurse because guess who has to check all the candy for potential allergens...This was probably a simple job back when I was in elementary school but today every class has at least 2 or 3 allergies.  On top of all the candy checking, things just got really busy in general.  On Tuesday I had only 4 students, which I think is likely unprecedented.  I should have known I'd make up for it later.  It wasn't just the volume of students, but the intensity of the issues.  Unlike the usual case, the kids I had were actually sick or actually really hurt and I had asthma and diabetes issues that were serious.  Crazy how it all happened on the same day. was all worth it when my little girl I see every day gave me a huge Valentine she made.  I was so excited and I have it taped on my wall. 
And another little boy brought me a Valentine, a pencil, and a goody bag with earrings made from real seashells.  Now if my loan for that magic bus ever comes through, I'm gonna be ready...
--- 2 ---
Remember how I asked last week about eating ice cream when it's cold and how my husband won't?  Well I got him to agree to ice cream for Valentine's Day since we never really do anything.  There's this great place within walking distance of our apartment and I went there with my aunt, uncle, and grandmother when they visited a few weeks back.  I knew that if I could just get him there he would change his mind about ice cream in the winter.  And he did.  I got him in there and he got their ice cream with 7 different kinds of chocolate.  It. was. RICH.  I got one called Cookie Monster that was vanilla colored blue with chocolate chip cookies and Oreo cookies in it.  It's all homemade, it's a family business, there's not a flavor in there I don't want to try, it's won awards, they give you huge portions...It's just perfect.
--- 3 ---

I get super dry skin in some particular location every winter that is next to impossible to cure.  It's particularly frustrating because once it gets warm I will battling oily skin again (what's that about??).  This year it's the area under my eyes.  My left eye is so bad the skin has actually cracked open and I've been putting Neosporin on it.  I never wear any eye make-up whatsoever and I avoid getting any of my tinted moisturizer or powder anywhere near my eyes.  I decided today to try to humidify my office so I set up the water boiler in here and have it on with the lid open.  Has anyone every tried this makeshift humidifier?  Do you have any amazing eye creams you would recommend?  I need help.  I was told by someone who will remain nameless that I look like a boxer.  (That didn't go over well.)
--- 4 ---
I mentioned last week that I got my clinical assignment and I went to meet my preceptor yesterday.  The place is within walking distance of the school I work at and there's a lot of overlap with my kids here at school and the clinic.  I was actually on the phone with my preceptor yesterday for something work-related before I met her yesterday afternoon so I'm thinking this will be good.
--- 5 ---
Did you hear the Pope is resigning?  (Just kidding.  Obviously you heard.)  I'm a little offended that he's decided to leave the party before I ever get there.  I guess he got wind of what I was like and decided to pass on shepherding someone like me :-)
--- 6 ---
My husband is going to Germany today for a week so rather than spend the weekend home alone I'm going to visit my family in Albany, NY.  We have early dismissal today and Monday off so it's perfect.  Hopefully the snow forecasted just stays light and doesn't cause me any problems.
--- 7 ---
I had a few good posts this week if I do say so myself so please check them out if you missed them.  Monday I posted a less than 3 minute video about Ash Wednesday that's really great.  Wednesday I posted about Scott Hahn's book  Rome Sweet Home.  And for Valentine's Day I posted about the Five Love Languages.  Definitely check out the Five Love Languages if you don't know about them and check back next week for my personal love languages :-)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. have you tried using oil cleansers? I do a mix of Jojaba and castor and have had wonderfully moisturized skin since starting. I do have the oil/dry skin issue.

    1. I have not...Perhaps that will be my next move. I saw jojoba kept coming up in my Google searches. I think my makeshift humidifier actually worked a little bit though!


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