Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Review: A Love That Multiplies

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I picked up this second Duggars book just passing through the library.  I had read the first one last year and I really liked it so I figured I'd read this one too.

I didn't think it was as good as the first, but it was just a different kind of book from the first.  This book contained a detailed account of what happened in the time surrounding the birth of the nineteenth child, Josie, born 3 months premature.  I was already aware of a lot of the information so I didn't find it that interesting and enjoyed the book more when it got into later chapters.  However, the kind of information in the later chapters was more similar to the first book but with a bit less detail.  They would reference that a particular topic had more information in the first book and move on, so that was good since I didn't want to re-read things I already had read.

As always, the Duggars shared their marriage and parenting wisdom which is usually very good.  I don't agree with them 100% theologically or with all of their beliefs or the choices they make, but I respect their faith and their right to live as they choose.  With such good kids who are so smart, polite, and talented, how could I be critical?  They are doing good* in the world and I think that is what matters.

*Yes, I mean good, not well.  "Good" is a noun in this case.

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