Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Review: St. Anne's Day

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This book by Janice Lane Palko was another book I grabbed for the Kindle when we were in Germany.  It was cheap (or free, can't remember which), but I actually did not find it while browsing the free/cheap section.  I was on Conversion Diary and happened to see a comment from the author mentioning the book she wrote.  When I saw I could get it free or cheap on my Kindle, I decided to give it a try.
I read a lot of "Christian chick lit" when I was reading exclusively free or cheap e-books in Germany (avoiding acquiring anything) but this was the first "Catholic chick lit" I had come across.

The story is about Anne, a very petite nurse around my age (I felt a kinship there) living in Pittsburgh.  She's Catholic and apparently most everyone else in the book is as well without really much explanation (in the same way most regular Christian chick-lit is).  It was a fairly good story and kept my interest but I wasn't always a fan of the characters or their behavior.

What readers looking for a good Catholic fiction book should know is that the book is not really done the same way other Christian books are.  Everyone is Catholic, but it's a bit background sometimes--the behavior is pretty normal for the average population.  Translation: no one is acting perfectly and there are a few curse words.  I wasn't sure what to think of that approach really.  I think it was interesting to take an honest approach, presenting flawed believers that represent the rest of us but it could be surprising for someone expecting the usually G-rated fluff in regular Christian novels.

If you're willing to be open to a book about flawed believers that is realistic to what is normally happening in the world then you might be interested.  If you think you'd be upset to read something about believers who are struggling then it's probably best to skip.

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