Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie Review: The Vow

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I think everyone was intrigued by the premise of this movie.  The day it came out, the TODAY show featured and interview with the real-life couple that inspired the tale.

The story is about a young married couple who are involved in a rear-end collision where the wife is thrown through the windshield.  She suffers pretty serious injuries and when she wakes up, she has no memory of her husband.  She has memories from before her husband, but nothing beyond her engagement to another man.  She doesn't remember the break up with the other fiance and she doesn't remember what caused an estrangement between her and her parents.  Her husband convinces her to come home with him instead of going with her parents and he tries to help her acclimate to a life she doesn't recognize.  In her earlier life she was in law school and dressed and looked very conservative.  In her current life she is an artist and has the lifestyle to go with it.  She can't remember anything about how she got to that life and reverts to what she does remember.

Spoiler alert--stop reading if you don't want me to ruin the movie for you.

Her husband makes an effort to help her remember their life with a date as though they are on their first date.  But things aren't effective.  They eventually split up.  She never regains her memory.  But she finds that the changes that happened to her that she doesn't remember happen to her a second time.  She moves back to the city, quits law school a second time.  Spends time with her best friend she still doesn't remember.  One night she runs into her husband and they decide to have dinner.  We're left not knowing what happens really.

I wasn't really impressed with this movie.  I've disliked movies more, but I felt like this was one of those movies where the preview didn't really correlate well with the actual movie.  The preview gave the impression that the whole movie was a series of efforts on his part to help her remember.  I was surprised by all the attention to the falling-out with her family that was not even hinted at in the preview.  I also hated that they ended up getting divorced.

The real-life couple did not necessarily seemed thrilled about the movie in the interview.  I now think my suspicions that it wasn't like their story at all was the reason for their lack of enthusiasm.  These two people were devout Christians and the woman made it very clear in the interview that she stayed with her husband because she took vows.  And even if she didn't remember, her vows to God meant more to her.  (This woman's almost robotic repetition of this thought was not something I was actually impressed with--it actually made her seem a bit like a brainwashed evangelical, but nonetheless, this was her point.)  She never regained her memory, but they are still together today and have two children.  The movie mentions this at the end.  But I don't think there was a lot in common between the real-life tale and the movie.  I guess the idea of  vows was the reason for the title of the movie, but what kind of title is that if they ended up getting divorced? I also didn't really find the story to be all that inspirational for my own marriage the way some movies can be.

What did you think of The Vow?


  1. Agreed. And I definitely recommend reading the book "The Vow." The book is about the real couple and their ACTUAL story.

    I thought the movie was cute but hated that they got divorced and then (presumably) get back together in the end. In the book it talks about how everything actually happened and there is a HUGE emphasis on their Christian faith keeping them together. The book is WAY more romantic and touching than the movie!!!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. I probably should look for the book and read that. Then I can do a comparison review!

  2. I thought the movie was okay...I was bummed out that the fact the real life couple was Christian but it wasn't portrayed really in the movie and they divorced in the end. Maybe I'll check out the book...

    1. Yeah, I mean the movie wasn't awful and it did have its moments, but I guess I just kept being a bit bothered by the title and then them not staying together.

  3. I'm glad I read this! I saw a bit of it on TV at my in-laws a while back and have been wanting to see it, but it seems like it probably isn't something I would like. Thanks for the review!

    1. It might still be a good one to put on one day while you're cleaning the house or something, just so you know. A lot of times I feel like I just have to see a movie to know that I didn't like it instead of just assuming I wouldn't :-)


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