Friday, March 8, 2013

Quick takes-vol. 7

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--- 1 ---
Big.  News.  I got a Twitter account this week.  I have resisted for a loooong time for lots of reasons, but after recently being struck by how often Twitter is used and referenced in news sources, I thought maybe I should explore.  Since I only have 3 followers at the moment, I'd be delighted if you'd follow me and if you leave me your handle in a comment, I will follow you back :-)  I'm KelleyAnnie @OverThreshold.  And if you're Catholic, you'll like my (second) most recent Tweet :-)
--- 2 ---
I wrote my first post as part of the eMeals blogger network this week.  I've never done any sponsoring or endorsements until now, but eMeals is a really great company run by some awesome people.  I hope you'll check out my post and consider giving them a try.  As a blogger for them I have access to some cool recipes and other cool things you might be interested in, so check back for more.
--- 3 ---
We are having yet another snow day here in Connecticut.  So I have still not had a 5-day week at this sub job!  It started snowing here on Wednesday night and snowed steadily since.  I think it's supposed to stop at noon today.  We managed to be fine and have school yesterday because there was no accumulation since it was too warm.  Accumulation started last night and we woke up to 6 or 8 inches (my best guess) though I have no idea what the official total is.  My husband still had to go to work though so I helped him dig out the car to get on his way today.
--- 4 ---
I'm hoping to have a lot to show for this snow day.  I'm not keeping up with school the way I need to be so I want to feel like I've accomplished something today.  But I also want to make a loaf of yummy bread and our veggie lasagna (meatless today--don't forget!).
--- 5 ---
I got another picture from a student this week.  She's a new student and she motioned for me to come close and then said, "You are so beautiful."  Kids are awesome.  I don't have a photo of this week's picture though since I forgot to take one and can't snag one today at work.
--- 6 ---
I discovered something amazing this week.  A KitchenAid stand mixer can shred chicken.  In about a minute.  This is a life-changing discovery for me.  I saw it on Pinterest and just now got around to trying it.  Just throw in your (still hot) boiled chicken, turn the mixer to around speed 4 or 6 and watch it go.  And clean up isn't hard either!
Awesome, huh?  (By the way, you should follow me on Pinterest, especially the Good housekeeping board.  Over 1000 people can't be wrong, right?)
--- 7 ---
It's hard to believe I only have 3 more RCIA class Sundays  before Easter Vigil.  I think I'll be a bit more prepared for a scrutiny this Sunday after seeing what last week's was like.  We were given our Bibles which are really nice and have the pages for recording the family events all.  It was also unexpectedly heavy in my opinion so I told my husband it must be those extra 6 books.   Ba-dum-bum-BA!  #protestantconvertjokes

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  1. We recently shredded chicken in my Kitchen Aid! So easy! (One of the best Pinterest finds ever!)

    Welcome to twitter!

    1. I know! I think I need to make a new board of all the items that actually ended up being really great ideas!

  2. I cannot imagine the excitement and joy of preparing to enter the Church!! prayers :)

  3. I loved your joke and subsequent drum fill. :-) My Bible was really heavy, too...around our house, it has the name Big Green Bible to distinguish it from its fellows.

    1. Haha, thanks for the enthusiasm! I guess the Mennonite Bible is the same as the regular Protestant Bible?


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