Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quick takes-vol. 8

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--- 1 ---
I'm stoked about a Latino pope!  I was really pulling for a Latino or black pope--I think we need the diversity--plus, a huge percentage of the Catholic church is Hispanic.  My husband is also loving his name choice (his confirmation name is Francis as well) and it prompted a whole conversation in which we very seriously discussed what he would choose for his name as pope, as though this was something that might actually occur.  When we knew that there was white smoke, the secretary got a live feed from CNN on her iPhone and we watched and waited for something to happen amidst our other jobs, like answering the phone and the door and taking care of the kids :-)
--- 2 ---
Today is my last day at this school.  It's been 6 weeks and this is the only 5-day week I ended up having.  I'm gonna miss my little ones.  I finally know who a lot of them are so I don't have to prod them to give me their last names.  I know who is likely to be faking and who to trust.  I've made dozens of parent phone calls and finally feel comfortable and settled.  So, naturally, it's time to move on!  The secretary made me my favorite cake--strawberry with rainbow chip frosting (Nothing fancy for me!) and the staff all signed a card.  And I got a couple of thank you/good-bye notes from two of the students I see a lot.  If they offer to let me take a couple home, I do have a short-list of kids I would like to keep :-)
--- 3 ---
I'm super excited to be at a school for today so I can wear this shirt:
And that's my little "Kiss me--I'm Irish!" button
--- 4 ---
I thought I had cured my under-eye skin that I've mentioned before.  It was a strict regimen of alternating between applications of hydrocortisone cream and Neosporin and taking 50 mg of Benadryl every night.  They looked really good Wednesday night so I skipped the hydrocortisone cream but still took the Benadryl.  Super red Thurusday morning.  The secretary has been trying her best to cure me and her next idea was coconut butter this morning.  Not too successful, but she thinks coconut oil next :-)
--- 5 ---
Not sure if you guys caught Jen's post about her mid-life crisis this week, but this little snippet really hit me in the face: I always thought that my hope for a truly fulfilled life rested in God alone. Now I see that the breakdown was more like: 30% hope in God, 30% hope in robust health that allows me to engage in activities of my choosing, 30% hope in having plenty of time to do all sorts of other stuff in the future, and 10% in having the resources to make it happen. As we age, those other commodities dwindle — a 110-year-old doesn’t have a whole lot of health or time or resources, for example — and only God is left.
--- 6 ---
Just an informal survey here:  If you or your child has asthma, how did you learn to use your inhaler properly?  As in, what teaching method was used (demonstration, video, literature)?  And was it effective?  Would you recommend a certain method of teaching?
--- 7 ---
If you missed this week's posts, I hope you'll check them out now.  I shared about my first confession and my first Rosary and I got some really great comments on both.  I'd love more thoughts.

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  1. Strawberry with rainbow chip frosting! Such fun! It must be hard to say goodbye to your friends at the school. Hope it's a good transition for you.

    1. It is, but fortunately or not, I've become quite used to moving on!

  2. For the asthma question, B is only 4 so he still uses a spacer. Since Daniel has asthma, he was able to show him how to do it, so demonstration? I can imagine literature working for an older child, but demonstration seems like the only possibility for a little guy or gal.

    1. Yeah, I think it has to be demo, but I'm wondering, does B have down the whole pushing the air out of his lungs first and when to prime the inhaler? Those are the things I see kids not getting.


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